‘Azerbaijan’s positions to weaken’: Edgar Vardanyan on Armenia-EU agreement

‘Azerbaijan’s positions to weaken’: Edgar Vardanyan on Armenia-EU agreement

“Linking the agreement directly to the Artsakh issue is difficult. “Indirect” agreements which are reached at least with one of the sides in conflict can mean little in terms of conflict resolution”, touching upon the question of the impact of the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement on the Artsakh conflict settlement said political scientist Edgar Vardanyan at the interview with Aravot.am.

According to him, if Armenia fulfils the provisions of the agreement and succeeds and if the EU expresses its satisfaction and supports Armenia, it will strengthen the latter’s position as a state: “Armenia, in essence, will show that it is pursuing democracy, is willing to resolve conflicts and take the European path, that is, not to create a conflict, but to solve it. It will have a positive impact on Armenia’s reputation, but nothing more because there is a format of the Minsk Group in which the issue will be resolved”.

According to our interlocutor, in the situation when the Armenia-EU agreement stipulates three principles of conflict resolution in connection with the Artsakh conflict (non-use of force, territorial integrity and self-determination of peoples), Azerbaijan tries to show that it is right from the perspective of international law, whereas its position will weaken: “Azerbaijan notices that large geopolitical forces are interested in stability in the region. There can be no unilateral solution, no matter how Azerbaijan tries to divert the negotiation process. The West has shown that the Minsk Group proposals are on the table. We cannot say that there will be major changes in this respect”.


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