Nationally televised Comedy Central joke about Trump bombs, smearing all Armenians

Nationally televised Comedy Central joke about Trump bombs, smearing all Armenians

After 1.5 million Armenians were murdered and hundreds of thousands of women and children were wasting away without food or water, unprecedented humanitarian relief efforts in the United States provided aid and sustenance to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide. It was not uncommon in those days to hear and even read in print the term “Starving Armenians” as a description of the physical condition of those who had miraculously escaped the Turkish atrocities.

And now, one hundred years after the Genocide and despite the welcome development of generations of enlightened people all around the world, the Daily Show and its Trevor Noah yesterday [see link below] turned back the clock to a dark age when such reprehensible racial epithets as “Dirty Jew” and “Lazy Ni**er” were shamefully uttered, even if in hushed tones. It unnerves and unsettles us deeply to regurgitate these despicable words, even if by way of comparison. They sicken us.

We do so only to illustrate the Daily Show’s and Trevor Noah’s cruel, crass, and callous stunt by referring to Armenians as “Filthy Armenians.” Mr. Noah would never have dared describe Jewish or Black Americans in such despicable and vile ways. Had he done so, Mr. Noah would now be looking for a new job and groaning under the weight of creditable and crushing lawsuits.

While the reproachful reference to Armenians may have been intended to coax a laugh from the audience by ridiculing President Trump’s self-proclaimed genius and tolerance, the Armenian Rights Watch Committee of the Armenian Bar Association condemns such affront and slander. To make matters worse, the Daily Show thought it would be neat to add a chirpy laugh track to accompany the scandalous expression.

The Daily Show and Trevor Noah would be wise to issue a retraction and an apology. It would be a good start but not nearly enough to unring the bell of hatred and insensitivity which tolled terribly last night.



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  1. John says:

    A community wide action is warranted and is a must to put this scum in his place !
    Another liberal trash mouth that has no family upbringing, culture , no honor , no dignity or self respect and obviously can not extend it to others !!!
    This is the true bankrupt face
    Of free fall liberal media!!!
    More reason and evidence why I voted for president Trump!!!
    He is not perfect , but compare to Hollywood garbage is an angel 😇!!!

    • Knar Mouhibian says:

      I wrote this letter to President Trump. “I’m a loyal supporter of President Trump, and am grateful for his great service to our country. Trevor Noah / CC not only disparaged POTUS, but in doing so, threw in a painful stab at Armenian Americans. I’m certain POTUS is well versed about the Armenian Genocide circa 1915, and the injustice of the denial US Armenians still face. My family tree was burned to its roots, with my 4 grandparents being the few refugee survivors. As a proud American of Armenian heritage, I would like to see a response to Mr. Noah’s horrible words – “Filthy Armenian” – in his disgusting attempt to disparage POTUS. This was a huge slap in the face for American Armenians, as well as supporters of POTUS. The latter is politics, but the entire segment was stupid, not funny, and thus in need of phony laugh tracks..”

      Armenians, wake up! The left/Democrats have done NOTHING for Armenians but steal your votes for decades. Stop kissing their boots with which they only kick us in the mouth. Our organizations have become too cozy with the Dems and are not taking full advantage of the US political system. For all their promises and lies, the Dems have betrayed us every time. I’m sick of the lies and will vote only for what is best for the US, where the diaspora is better off than any other country, including Socialist Europe. Get realistic!

  2. C. Giragosian says:

    It’s not that big of a deal. I’m Armenian and I was not offended by this at all. It’s a joke. Don’t be so sensitive.

  3. Anita says:

    I’m not offended either. His joke implies that it would be offensive to call Armenians filthy, and Trump calling himself tolerant while making such a remark would be offensive. Just like any person calling themselves tolerant while making any racial slur would be offensive. Let’s listen more carefully before calling out the soundbite out of context.

  4. Armen says:

    Stop being over-zealous. Many people, including Armenians, are looking for reasons to point fingers and insert their cause into any situation. Yes, it was a joke. Yes, it wasn’t very funny. But we must learn to let insignificant mentions like this roll off our back. Reacting with an article IMMEDIATELY citing the Armenian Genocide and the “1.5 million” number just looks like we throw the same cause at everything Armenian-related. It makes the ARWC look desperate and reaching. A more balanced and fair approach could have been taken. Reconsider your public relations direction and angle with this. A good approach could earn us a public apology and even an honorable mention, as we so deserve. The approach this article portrays, is not a productive one. Also it incites fanatical ideologies as so brilliantly exemplified by the first comment on this article by “John.” Be careful which fires you feed.

  5. Armen says:

    Please recognize that Trevor Noah is just a host and he is one man in a huge team of writers. Be careful who you target.

  6. Jerry says:

    I can’t even believe this article starts with the mention of the Armenian Genocide… Jeesus! You can’t just use this left and right for any stupid point you wanna make!!

    Also, he never called us filthy, and noone, except a couple of Armenians interpreted it this way. Everybody watching the show got the joke, which had nothing to do with Armenians.

    Please don’t ask for an apology, you’re gonna make all of us look really stupid. Just laugh it off please, you know, like a normal person “haha Kevork, asor naye, he mentioned Armenians, lol”. No???

    Apology yegher

  7. Lolin tomba says:

    Actually, he was not calling Armenians filthy . He was making analogy!

    He was saying it is similar to a guy who claims to be not racist, but then says “filthy Armenians.”

    It has nothing to do with Armenians being filthy. His whole point is using that as an analogy.


  8. Armen T says:

    Its a joke. It had nothing to do with Armenians just happened to use Armenians to point out a hypothetical situation where someone was being a hypocrite. As a very proud Armenian I am not offended by this. No Armenian should be offended, please do not make our people look like whiny crybabies like so many minorities in this country.

  9. Anna says:

    He was saying it is similar to a guy who claims to be not racist, but then says “filthy Armenians.”
    It has nothing to do with Armenians being filthy. His whole point is using that as an analogy.

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