No social quakes predicted for Armenia after inflations: Armenian MP

No social quakes predicted for Armenia after inflations: Armenian MP

“An issue is in place and the government should try to regulate that issue”, replied the secretary of Armenian Revolutionary Federation, Aghvan Vardanyan, responding to the question implying how he treated the inflation since January 1 in Armenia as a representative of a faction supporting socialist ideology.

Let us remind you that since January 1, the prices of diesel fuel and compressed gas increased, which evoked complaints among the drivers. According to economists, if the government does not apply its functions, this may bring forth chain inflations.

Inflation is expected via EAEU new Customs Code as well. For Armenia the customs privilege of 750 types of goods is abolished.

Aghvan Vardanyan imagines the interference of the government as follows: “First and foremost, not to allow some business entities to try doing more than defined by the Tax Code and finding additional sources for income. As much as I am informed, the price of compressed gas has evoked complaints mainly, which is conditioned by the increase of excise tax. As much excise tax has increased, as much the gas stations have increased. I have spoken to 1-2 gas station directors, who have increased the excise tax to that very extent. It is an issue, a common social problem, which is connected with economic policy.”

Anyway, the MP representing the authority coalition thinks that no great shakes of social character will be in place in Armenia.




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