Armenian government has to work: Tevan Poghosyan

Armenian government has to work: Tevan Poghosyan

The president of “International Center of Human Development”, Tevan Poghosyan believes, that the government should be made to work. Mr. Poghosyan drew parallels between the parents’ attitude towards a crying child and the government’s approach towards society. He noticed: “When a little baby is hungry but does not know speaking, it cries. But when s/he cries at an older age, they say – do not cry, solve your issues by yourself. Here it is the parent’s issue as well, what field s/he will form. The parent – in this case the government, looks at the citizens and says: it does not matter, they are grown-up children, if they want to cry, let them cry. This means that we should change a situation for today’s coalition to understand that they should work. We should make the government work.”

As stated by Tevan Poghosyan, the government does not provide an active connection with the society by the policy it conducts, no communication exists between the society and the government. He believes that the fact that the EAEU would represent its requirements to Armenia was known to everyone, it was also known that the prices of a group of goods would increase since January 1. However, the government should have prepared the society for this all months before: “The government also does not inform the citizen about the steps it is going to implement. For example, inflation has started now, but what processes will commence months later, none of us knows.”


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