Climatic characteristics and weather forecast for January

Climatic characteristics and weather forecast for January

January is the coldest month of the year. The average monthly temperature is -6.70C on the territory of the republic, and the coldest period of the month is the second decade, when intense colds are observed in the anticyclone weather conditions, especially in the northwest and in the Shirak plateau.

In Yerevan, the average temperature in January is -3 … -40C, but in 12% of cases, the January daily average temperature is below -100C. It is warm in January in the southern and north-eastern regions of the country, the average monthly temperature in Bagratashen is +0,3 0C, in Meghri + 1.60C. In these areas, the minimum temperature is not observed below -17 … -200C.

The relative humidity of January in the republic ranges 65-80%. In general, the average of 42 mm of precipitation is observed that month, mainly in the form of snow. Minimum precipitation is observed in the Ararat valley, in the north-east of the country and in Meghri – up to 20 mm. Depending on the height of the territory – their number is increasing – in the foothills of 30-35 mm, in the mountains 40-45 mm. The fog is frequently observed in the valley of Ararat, Shirak, Syunik valleys and mountain passes. The number of cloudy days per month ranges from 3-10 days. Average duration of sunshine in the country is 120 hours, in the valley of Ararat is 80-100 hours.

Windless weather prevails, but in the north-eastern regions of the country there are weak winds. The average wind speed is 2 m / sec. But in January, strong winds may occur -up to 20 m / sec., and in mountain passes up to 40 m / s. or more.

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