Garo Palian testifies at prosecutor’s office

Garo Palian testifies at prosecutor’s office

Deputy of the pro-Kurdish “People’s Democratic Party” (HDP) party, Turkish-Armenian Garo Palian was summoned to the Ankara prosecutor’s office to testify.

According to the «» news agency, the deputy testified regarding his statement about the planned assassination attempts against intellectuals and public figures who moved to Europe from Turkey in the framework of the investigation.

Later, referring to the testimony given at the prosecutor’s office, Palian said: “We have Hrant Dink’s case in Turkey. He was my friend. He was always being targeted. I advised him to leave the country but he did not and was killed. Now some people, including Jan Dyundar (former editor of the oppositional Cumhuriyet newspaper), as well as a number of HDP figures are targeted by the press. We have received information from Germany that an assassination attempt will be made against those people. After receiving the information, I made a statement”.

Let us remind that the Turkish-Armenian MP had stated that according to available information, an assassination attempt was being planned against a number of Armenians, Alevis, as well as Turkish opposition journalists, writers and intellectuals who had moved from Turkey to Europe. Palian had noted that the terror-planning groups were being guided by Turkey.

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