David Babayan: Ukraine supports terrorism

David Babayan: Ukraine supports terrorism

Artsakh President’s Press Spokesman David Babayan does not consider the sale of a huge number of weapons to Azerbaijan by Ukraine in 2017 the weakness and failure of the Armenian diplomacy. Ukrainian blogger diana-mihailova has informed about the Ukraine’s sale of weapons to Azerbaijan. It is about 50 units of controlled anti-tank missiles RK-2С and RK-2ОF.

Davit Babayan says there are incomprehensible philosophy and logic in Kiev’s actions: “Ukraine always supports Azerbaijan”. He reminds that the number of Ukrainian mercenaries fighting for Azerbaijan during the first Karabakh war was outnumbered only by Turkish mercenaries. He is surprised since Armenian and Ukrainian peoples seem to be friends, they have never had problems with each other during history, but nevertheless, official Kiev takes steps that are in favour of Azerbaijan. David Babayan considers it illogical also because by strengthening Azerbaijan, Ukraine strengthens Turkey.

Meanwhile, Turkey has ambitions to suppress the Ukrainian interests in the Black Sea: “We know what the same Turks were doing in Crimea to weaken the Ukrainian influence”. However, David Babayan connects all this with the unstable and uncertain political situation in Ukraine, with continuing turmoil. He thinks the latter also affect the country’s foreign policy.

But one thing is clear to him: Ukraine’s arms sales to Azerbaijan means support for terrorism: “The United States considers Azerbaijan as a country with terrorist threats for its tourists. And Ukraine supplies that country with weapons. But, unfortunately, we are accustomed to Ukraine’s behaviour”.


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