For the creation of a European Foundation for the Memory of the Roma Holocaust!

For the creation of a European Foundation for the Memory of the Roma Holocaust!

Soon, the pig farm built on the site of the former concentration camp will be destroyed. The fetid smell that inevitably envelops visitors will have disappeared. The stele placed on the mass graves will be moved. A memorial will be built.

More than seventy years after the end of the Second World War, the site of the former camp for Roma people at Lety, in the Czech Republic, will finally be treated with the dignity it deserves. The “locucide” – the crime against the place – of Lety will finally be stopped.

It was anything but easy to achieve: only thanks to an exceptional mobilization of European civil society, Roma and non-Roma together, have the Czech authorities and private owners finally concluded an agreement for the purchase of the pig farm with a view of its destruction.

If this constitutes a historical victory, the issues that have shaped Lety as an European symbol still persist all over the continent: the lack of knowledge and research concerning the Roma Holocaust (or Samudaripen, or Porajmos); the racism and discrimination that are in many respects the continuation of persecutions; the social marginalization that has been continuing for decades; the ignorance concerning the diversity of Roma cultures and histories.

As the Lety case demonstrates, it is only through a determined and unified commitment from civil society and institutions that the history of persecution of the Roma people, of which the genocide was the culminating point and which perpetuates until today, can be put to an end.

This is why we call for the creation of a European Foundation for the Memory of Roma Holocaust!

First, it will have to promote historical research. The funding and publication of research, the collection of testimonies, the constitution of archives and the organization of scientific symposia will allow to better understand this history.

It will have to equally focus on the effective transmission of this history, to enlighten the consciences of today. This will be achieved through work of memorialization – construction of memorials, creation of exhibitions, organization of commemorations …, – as well as through an investment in education, with its inclusion in school curriculums and the trainings of teachers.

Moreover, it will contribute to the fight against racism, discrimination and social exclusion, which are not disconnected from the persecutions of the past. In this context, support for civil society will be fundamental in order to change attitudes, to carry out awareness-raising activities, to lead mobilization for the respect of equal rights and dignity and to build coalitions for solidarity, working at the most grassroots level.

It is important: the Foundation will have to be truly European, and not for example divided into multiple national foundations.

Indeed, it is on the whole continent that the Roma people are confronted with the same issues, as it is on the whole continent that the genocide was perpetrated against them. Additionally, strengthening Europe and democracy is the only perspective of hope for addressing these issues. Thus, by its European nature, the Foundation will be one of the institutions capable of contributing to this democratic reinforcement.

The size and origin of its budget clearly represent a key element. The mechanism we propose is simple, and already attested.

All victims should obtain reparations. However, reparations have not been provided to the victims in a sufficient manner so far.

The States and companies concerned will have to face their responsibilities and give reparations to the victims or their descendants.

That is implied by the nature of the event: numerous victims have been killed during the Roma Holocaust. Also, since we are now far away from this period, numerous of them have died since then.

The amounts which will not be provided to the victims or to their descendants will not go back to the budgets of the States. They will constitute the initial capital of the Foundation.

The annual budget of the Foundation will be constituted by the annual interests of this capital, which will not be spent.

For the historical victory at Lety to be followed by others, and to leave the history of persecution and discrimination in order to project ourselves towards a future at the heart of which is dignity, the European Foundation for the Memory of the Roma Holocaust must be created.

Benjamin Abtan, President of the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement – EGAM, Coordinator of the Elie Wiesel Network of parliamentarians of Europe for the prevention of mass atrocities and genocide (France), Lívia Járóka, Vice-president of the European Parliament (Hungary), Damian Draghici, Member of the European Parliament (Romania), Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, Leaders of the Sons and Daughters of the Jewish Deportees from France, UNESCO Honorary Ambassadors and Special Envoys for Education about the Holocaust and the Prevention of Genocide in a ceremony (Germany and France), Jeno Setet,President of the “We belong to here” Roma association (Hungary), Teodora Krumova Deyan Kolev, Co-chairs of the Roma Amalipe Center for Interethnic dialogue and tolerance (Bulgaria), Richard Prasquier, Vice-president of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah (France), Jozef Miker & Miroslav Broz,Spokesmen of Konexe (Czech Republic), Nicolae Radita, Chairman of the Roma National Center (Moldova), Alain Daumas, President of the Union of Gypsy Associations of France – UFAT (France),Sabina Achterbergh, Chairwoman of the Association of Sinti, Roma and Travellers (the Netherlands), Jean-Pierre Dusingizemungu & Egide Nkuranga, President and Vice President of the Ibuka, association of survivors of the genocide against the Tutsis (Rwanda), Nenad Vladisavljev, President of the Association of Roma Students (Serbia), Graziano Halilozic, President of Romà Onlus and Dikh He Na Bister – Roma Genocide Remembrance (Italy), Pavee Point association (Ireland), Raya Kalenova, Executive Vice-President of the European Jewish Congress (Belgium), Joannna Talewicz-Kwiatkowska, Researcher, assistant professor at the Krakow university (Poland), Nadia Gortzounian, President of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (Europe), Irfan Martez, President of the National Roma Centrum (Macedonia), Ayo Obe, President of the Gorée Institute on Slavery (Senegal), Asmet Elezovski, President of the National Roma Centrum (Macedonia), European Roma Network (UK), Advija Ibrahimovic, Spokeswoman of the Women of Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Marcel Courthiade, Writer, professor, researcher on Roma history (Kosovo, France), Jeanne Gamonet, Spokeswoman of the Federation of Roma, Sinte & Kale Women and for the Federation of Romani and Traveller Women (Belgium), Rithy Panh, Survivor, writer and film-maker (Cambodia), Josif Tycina, President of the Roma Association “Gypsy Fire” (Lithuania), Zuzana Havirova, Policy Centre For Roma and Minorities (Romania), Svetlana Novopolskaja, Director of the Public Institution Roma Community Centre (Lithuania), Efraim Zuroff, Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (Israel), Pari Ibrahim, Founder and Executive Director of Free Yezidi Foundation (Iraq), Zola Kondur, President of the Roma Chirikli fund (Ukraine)

József Oláh, President of the Roma Organization of Pest County (Hungary), Oula Silvennoinen, Chairman of the Finnish Holocaust Remembrance Association (Finland), Harry Pommert, Member of the Board of the Association of Holocaust survivors of Sweden (Sweden), Muhamed Toci, President of the Roma Center Mesecina-Moon (Macedonia), Christiane Taubira, Former Minister of Justice (France), Bernard Kouchner, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs (France), Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs (Spain), Esmeralda Romanez, Federation of Romani and travelers Women (Belgium), Mihály Dancs, President of the Roma Civil Rights Movement (Hungary), Sasha Zanko, President of the association ‘Tchatchipen’ and Delegate of the European Forum of Roma and Travelers (France), Romano Jasnica Roma association (Czech Republic), Can Dündar, Journalist (Turkey), Marie Darrieussecq, Writer (France), Asli Erdogan, Writer (Turkey), János Joka Daróczi, President of the Foundation of Roma Production Office (Hungary), Zsuzsa Lakatosné Danó, Chair of the Roma Community Action Group (Hungary), Adam Michnik, Journalist, writer, co-founder of Solidarnosc (Poland), Jovan Divjak, Former general defender of Sarajevo during the siege, Executive Director of the ‘Education Builds B&H’ Association (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Zineb El Rhazoui, Journalist (Morocco, France), Santino Spinelli, President of the Associazione Autonoma di Rom e Sinti (Italy), Marcello Pezzetti, Historian, Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah (Italy), Osman Balic & Jug Bogdanova, Leaders of the Roma Liga SKRUG (Serbia), Amare Předlice association (Czech Republic), Ariel Goldmann, President of the Jewish Social Unified Fund (France), Ara Toranian, Co-president of the Coordination Council of the Armenian Associations (France),Gábor Váradi, President of the Roma association “For Common Hungary Movement” (Hungary), János Orsós, President of the Dzsaj Bhím Community (Hungary), Vojtěch Blodig, Terezin Memorial (Czech Republic), Lucy Presber, Spokeswoman of the “Women, Roma, Sinte and Kale Roma association” (France),Philippe Blondin, President of the Jewish Museum of Belgium (Belgium), Ana Dalila Gómez, General Coordinator of ‘Pueblo Rrom-Gitano de Colombia’ – Pro-Rrom (Colombia),  Dariusz Stola, Director of the Polin museum of history of Polish Jews (Poland), Roma Youth Center (Macedonia), Olivier Py, Director of the Festival d’Avignon (France), Szilvia Lakatos, President of the Kethanipe Association (Hungary), Sibo Bosco Siboyintore, National Prosecutor and Head of Genocide Perpetrators Fugitives Tracking Unit (Rwanda), Jozek Horvat, European Roma Union, International Romani Union (Slovenia), Catherine Coquio, Professor at Université Paris Diderot and President of the International Association for Research on Crimes against Humanity and Genocide (France), Legebitra Roma association (Slovenia), Emilia Teszler, President of Asociatia Tikvah Holocaust survivors association (Romania), Christian Guémy – C215, Artist (France), Jim Waller, Chair, Department of Holocaust & Genocide Studies (United States), Miroslav Rac, Romani pianist, composer, hip hoper (Slovakia), Ivo Goldstein, Historian, Professor at the Zagreb university, former ambassador (Croatia), Oliviero Toscani, Photographer, Visual Artist (Italy), Svetlana Gannushkina,Member of Board of Memorial (Russia), Sayat Tekir, Armenian Youth of Turkey Nor Zartonk (Turkey),Boubacar Boris Diop, Writer (Senegal), Marc Knobel, Researcher at the Representative Council of the Jewish Institutions in France – CRIF ( France), Flemming Rose, Senior fellow at the Cato Institute, Journalist and Author (Denmark), Patrice Leclerc, Mayor of Gennevilliers (France), Michel Boujenah, Actor, director and comedian (France), Evren Çevik, Member of the Foreign Affairs Commission of HDP – Peoples’ Democratic Party (Turkey), Deborah Lipstadt, Historian, Author and Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University in Georgia (United States), Marek Gumkowski, head of the Open Republic Association against Antisemitism and Xenophobia (Poland), William Bourdon, Lawyer (France), Elie Chouraqui, Film-maker (France), Francis Bueb, Founder of André Malraux Center (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Aurélie Filippetti, Former Minister of Culture and Communication (France), Mariangela de Blasi, President of the Arci Solidarietà Roma association (Italy), Annie Lulu, Poet (Romania, France),Emmanuel Moses, Writer (France), Paco Ramírez, President of the LGBT Spanish Confederation (Spain), Marius Tudor, Roma Health and Early Childhood Development Project Manager for the European Public Health Alliance (Belgium), Trajko Trajkovski, Roma ethnologist (Macedonia), Eben Friedman, Senior Non-resident Research Associate at the European Centre for Minority issues (USA), Thierry Sebaganwa, Genocide Survivor of the genocide against the Tutsis in 1994 (Rwanda), Jérôme Coumet, Mayor of the 13thdistrict of Paris (France), Frédéric Encel, Professor at the university (France), Fadéla Amara, Former deputy-minister (France), Benjamin Stora, Historian, President of the National City of immigration (France),Cengiz Aktar, Scientist, journalist and writer (Turkey), Oran Baskın, Professor at the Ankara university (Turkey), Charles Enderlin, Journalist (France), Penda Mbow, Historian, activist and President of Mouvement Citoyen (Sénégal), Pierre Henry, Director of “France terre d’asile” (France), Jean-Paul Kabera, Commissioner in charge of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation at the Association of Former students survivors of genocide – GAERG (Rwanda), Martin Muhoza, Responsible for the preservation of evidence of the Genocide against Tutsi and testimonies (Rwanda), Julien Dray, Local elected member at the Paris Region Council (France),  Francis Chouraqui, Lawyer (France), Kendal Nezan, President of the Kurdish Institute of Paris (France), Kristina Koldinská, Lecturer at the Department of Labor Law and Social Security Law(Czech Republic), Omar Mohammed, PhD in History and Civilisations (Iraq), Tibi Galis, Executive Director Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation (United States), Lecia J Brooks, Leader of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s and director of the Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery (United States), Brigitte Stora, Writer and singer (France), Ursa Raukar, Actress and political activist (Croatia),Jean-Paul Kagabo, Executive Secretary of the Genocide Survivors Students Association (AERG) (Rwanda),Mbabazi Venuste, Member of Youth for Peace and Development (Rwanda), Gasana Ndoba, Former President and Consultant of the International Human Rights Commission of Rwanda (Rwanda), Ismaël Muhikira, Genocide Survivor (Rwanda), Luís Braga, Professor at the university (Portugal), Alain Lempereur, Professor at the university (USA, France), Aris Nalci, Journalist (Turkey), Roberto Romero, Local elected member of the Paris Region Council (France), Angela Scalzo, General Secretary of SOS Razzismo (Italy), Léo Cogos, Spokesperson for ‘Saut Jeune’ (France), Ewa Grzegrzółka, Association for Legal Intervention (Poland), Anne Gorouben, Painter, visual artist (France), James Smith, co-founder of the UK National Holocaust Centre and Aegis Trust (United Kingdom), Moawia Ahmed, President of the Greek Forum for Migrants (Greece), Panayote Dimitras, Greek Helsinki Monitor (Greece), Rhetta Moran, Leader of RAPAR Trustee (United Kingdom), René Léonian, President of the Evangelical Armenian Union Churches of Eurasia (Armenia), Doros Polycarpou, Executive Director of KISA (Cyprus), Alain Gauthier, President of the Civil Parties for Rwanda (CPCR) (France), Alba Avril, Senior Lecturer in Holocaust Studies and Jewish Civilisation (Australia), Mu Sochua, member and Vice President of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) (Cambodia), Avtandil Mikaberidze, Director of the Georgian Institute at Athens (Greece), Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse, Author (Rwanda, France), Stanislas Cazeneuve, Poet (France), Harout Palanjian, Board Member, Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) (Netherlands), Marine Manucharyan, President of Civic Forum NGO in Armenia (Armenia), Ahmed Farag, Lecturer at Faculty of Science, Benha University (Egypt), María Luciana Minassian, Lawyer (Argentina), Ruben Melikyan, Human Rights Ombudsman of Nagorno Karabakh Republic (Armenia), Louis-Georges Tin, President of CRAN and founder of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (France), Géraldine Schwartz, Journalist (France), Pari Ibrahim, Founder and Executive Director of the Free Yezidi Foundation (Netherlands-Iraq), Fiyaz Mughal, Founder and Director of Faith Matters (United Kingdom), Ara Sarafian, historian and founding Director of the Gomidas Institute (United Kingdom), Krassimir Kanev, President of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (Bulgaria), Michael McEachrane, Visiting Researcher, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights (Sweden), Sihem Habchi, Former President of ‘Ni Putes Ni Soumises (France), Cengiz Algan, Human rights activist (Turkey), Andrew Woolford, Professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of Manitoba (Canada), Rafal Pankowski, President of the “Never Again” Association (Poland), Meron Estefanos, Journalist and Director of Eritrean Initiative on Refugee Rights (Eritrea-Sweden), Kyle Matthews, Executive Director of Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies of Concordia University (Canada), Natalia Ligachova, Head of NGO ‘Detector Media’ (Ukraine), Henry Theriault, Professor in and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Worcester State University (USA), Yousif A. Salih, Jiyan Foundation (Irak), Dominique Iztkovitch, Psychoanalyst, Painter (France), Marie-Geneviève Guesdon, Member of the Executive Board of the MRAP (France), Augustin Grosdoy, Co-president of the MRAP (France), François Levent, President of the MRAP (France), Jacky Mamou, President of the ‘Collectif Urgence Darfour’ (France), Linda Melvern, Investigative Journalist (UK), Nicolas Moll, Historian (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pascal Blanchard, Historian and associate researcher at the CNRS (France), Annette Lévy-Willard, Journalist, writer and former diplomat (France), Dominique Tricaud, Lawyer (France), Fadila Mehal, Advisor for the City of Paris (France), Maria Al Abdeh, Executive Director of Women Now For Development (WND) (Syria, France), Jonathan Littell, Writer and filmmaker (France-United States), Aude Hayot, Activist (France), Nicolas Tavitian, Director of the Armenian General Benevolent Union Europe (Belgium), Reda Didi, Director of the Think tank “Graines de France” (France), Silke Melbye-Hansen, Youth Fellow at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (Danemark), Maxim Efimov, Human rights activist, Social Philosopher, Writer, Civil Journalist (Russia), Reyan Tuvi, Filmmaker (Turkey), Martin Holler, Historian (Germany), Anders Dalsbro, Reporter at Expo magazine (Sweden), Silke Melbye-Hansen, Youth Fellow at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (Danemark), Christine Priotto, Mayor of Dieulefit and Member of the National Office of the Socialist Party (France), Maria Rita Corticelli, Researcher on genocide (Kurdistan, UK), Lucie Rybová, Director Czech Helsinki Committee (Czech Republic), Ali Dolamari, Kurdistan Regional Government representative to France, Lenka Štěpánová, Chairwoman of the Czech High School Students Union (Czech Republic), Maruša Babnik, Director of Ekvilib Institute (Slovenia), Alain Ngirinshuti, Vice President of Ibuka (France), Patrick Klugman, Deputy-mayor of Paris (France), Willy Silberstein, President of the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism and Journalist (Sweden), László M. Lengyel, Co-Chair of Sajtószakszervezet (Hungary), Mario Mazic, Founder and Director of Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) (Croatia), Aldo Merkoci, Spokesperson of Mjaft! (Albania), Dominique Sopo, President of SOS Racisme (France), Rune Berglund Steen, Director of Antirasistisk Senter (Norway), Boris Raonić, President of the Civic Alliance (Montenegro), Ina Van Looy,Secular Jewish Community Center (Belgium), Jette Møller, President of SOS Racisme (Denmark), Hristo Ivanovski, President of the Alliance for Human Rights (Macedonia), Levent Sensever, Spokesperson of Durde! (Turkey), Adrien Dupuis-Hepner, Playwright (France), Dinko Sijerčić, Project Coordinator of YIHR Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Alena Krempaska, Head of Human Rights Institute (Slovakia),Judith Aquien, Executive Director and Co-founder of Thot (France), Martin Collins, Pavee Point (Ireland), Paula Sawicka, Member of the Board of the Open Republic Association (Poland), Petre Matei, National School of Administration and Political Science of Bucharest (Romania), Willy Silberstein, Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism (Sweden), Oriol López Badell, European Observatory on Memories (Spain), Nathalie Schäfer, Free Federation of Student Unions (Germany), Jessica Gérondal, National Secretary of the Young Socialists (France), Joar Forssell, Federal Chairman of the Liberal Youth Union (Sweden), Michael Newman, Association of Jewish Refugees, member of the British delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) (UK), Claudia Schäfer, CEO of ZARA (Austria), Anhelita Kamenska, Director of Latvian Centre for Human Rights (Latvia), Kumar Vishwanathan,Vzájemné soužití/Living Together (Czech Republic), Peter Dankmeijer, Director of Global Alliance for LGBT Education (GALE) (Netherlands), Bojana Jokić, LGBT Forum Progress (Montenegro), Fédération des Associations Générales Étudiantes (FAGE) (France), Jordi Guixé, Director of the European Observatory on Memories (EUROM) (Spain), Felicia Waldman, Professor at the Goldstein Goren Center for Hebrew Studies at the Bucharest University, deputy-head of the national delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (Romania), Dan Stone, Professor of Modern History and Director of the Holocaust Research Centre, Royal Holloway College (United Kingdom), Tolerant Youth Association(Lithuania), DEMOS institute of critical thought (Lithuania), National Patient Association (Lithuania),Tereza Štěpková, Director of Institute Terezinské Initiative (Czech Republic), Center for Civil Liberties(Ukraine), Josef Zissels, Executive Vice-President of Congress of Ethnic Communities (Ukraine), Emile (Baba) Scheitz, President of the French association of Travelers in the Paris region (France), Martial Brillant, President of the Association of Travelers (France), Fernand (Yaca) Maraval, President of Alert the Indian (France), Marcel Hognon, Intellectual Gypsy Movement (France), Jean Sargera (Pipo), Gypsy cultural center (France), Antoine (Tony) Becker, President of the National association of Travelers Rhône- Alpes region (France), Néziri (Metzo) Nedzmmedin, Gypsy cultural center of the Center and Eastern provinces (France), Joseph  Stimbach (Lequere), President of Chave Foun Winta, the children of the wind (France), Giorgi  Viccini, President of the Committee for the Rights of the Gypsies (France), Yohan Salles, President of the Gypsies of Tarascon (France), Mariano Garcia, President of Casa de Espana (France),Antoine (Payou) Baptiste, President of the Gypsies of Languedoc-Roussillon (France), Gino Soles, President of the Catalan cultural center (France), Marius (Mario) Bauer, President of Latcho Drom (France),Thierry Patrac, President of Music generation (France), Sasha Zanko, President of Tchatchipen (France),José Pubil, President of Gypsies of France (France), Christophe Cusol, President of El Niglo en colère (France), Christophe Daumas, President of Marianne Travel (France), Christophe Cortez, President of the Gypsies of Cavaillon (France), Francine Jacob, President of Never without us (France), Renardo Lorier, President of the National Office of Gypsies Affairs (France), Jeanne (Jessy) Daumas, President of the Women assocaiation Romnies (France), François Espinas, President of the cultural association of Travelers (France), Pierre Ménager, President of Mutual Aid Travelers (France), Céline et Tony Larivière, Presidents of the French of the Travel (France), Maljoku Raïf, President of Romano Phralipé (France), Miran Faipi, President of the Union of the Diaspora Roma of the ex-Yugoslavia (France), Gaby Baptiste, President of Rumba Compas (France), Yago Briset, President of Niglo Breizh (France), Dominique Itzkovitch, Translator (France), Mano Siri, Professor (France), Shmuel.Meyer, Writer (France), Nadejda Loujine, Choreographer (France), Mark Melki, Photographer (France), Francine Mayran, Painter (France), Léon-Marc Lévy, Director of « La Cause Littéraire » magazine (France)

249 Parliamentarians from 28 countries:


David Assouline, Senator, Vice-President of Senate (France), Florian Kronbichler, MP (Italy), Michael Danby, MP (Australia), Petra De Sutter, MP (Belgium), Rita Benarditi, MP (Italy), Dennis Gratz, MP (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Preet Gill, MP (United-Kingdom), Said Abdu, MP (Sweden), Clare Daly, MP (Ireland), Finian McGrath, MP (Ireland), Jacques Maire, MP (France), Eric Scanlon, MP (Ireland),Mogens Lykketoft, MP (Denmark), Liliane Maury Pasquier, MP (Switzerland), Cédric Wermuth, MP (Switzerland), Emilie Guérel, MP (France), Joel Giraud, MP (France), Birgitta Ohlsson, MP (Sweden), Manuel Tornare, MP (Switzerland), Marlene Farrugia, MP (Malta), Andrew Gwynne, MP (UK), Carles Mulet, MP (Spain), Ricardo Antonio García Mira, MP (Spain), Carlota Merchán Mesón, MP (Spain),Susanne Leutenegger Oberholzer, MP (Switzerland), Carlo Sommaruga, MP (Switzerland), Susanne Kurz, MP (Austria), Anneliese Dodds, MP (UK), Ruth Cadbury, MP (UK), Mattea Meyer, MP (Switzerland), Chris Williamson, MP (UK), Martin Docherty, MP (UK), Susanna Huovinen, MP (Finland), Tarja Filatov, MP (Finland), Antti Rinne, MP (Finland), Erkki Tuomioja, MP (Finland), Antti Lindtman, MP (Finland), Johanna Ojala-Niemelä, MP (Finland), Suna Kymäläinen, MP (Finland), Timo Harakka, MP (Finland), Maria Guzenina, MP (Finland), Merja Mäkisalo-Ropponen, MP (Finland),Maria Tolppanen, MP (Finland), Pilvi Torsti, MP (Finland), Ilkka Kantola, MP (Finland), Tytti Tuppurainen, MP (Finland), Harry Wallin, MP (Finland), Pia Viitanen, MP (Finland), Kristiina Salonen, MP (Finland), Gill Furniss, MP (UK), Lisa Mazzone, MP (Switzerland), Ruth Lister, MP (UK), Scott Taylor, MP (UK), Nadia Essayan, MP (France), Angelo Barrile, MP (Switzerland), Anton Hofreiter, MP (Germany), Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, MP (Poland), Hervé Feron, MP (France), François-Michel Lambert, MP (France), Hubert Julien-Laferrière, MP (France), Karl-Heinz Brunner,MP (Germany), Frédéric Descrozaille, MP (France), Kate Green, MP (UK), Stewart Mcdonald, MP (UK), Stefan Schennach, MP (Austria), Thomas P Broughan, MP (Ireland), Christophe Arend, MP (France), Anneliese Dodds, MP (UK), Bertin Mampaka, MP (Belgium), Vesna Pusić, MP (Hungary), Santino Spinelli, MP (Italy), Iulia Bulai, MP (Romania), Richard Boyd Barrett, MP (Ireland), Gino Kenny, MP (Ireland), Brid Smith, MP (Ireland), Maureen OSullivan, MP (Ireland), Selahattin Demirtaş, MP (Turkey), Figen Yüksekdağ, MP (Turkey), Nadir Yıldırım, MP (Turkey), Besime Konca, MP (Turkey), Hişyar Özsoy, MP (Turkey), Ayşe Acar Başaran, MP (Turkey), Pervin Buldan, MP (Turkey), Ayhan Bilgen, MP (Turkey),Filiz Kerestecioğlu, MP (Turkey), Ahmet Yıldırım, MP (Turkey), Ertuğrul Kürkçü, MP (Turkey), Çağlar Demirel, MP (Turkey), İdris Baluken, MP (Turkey), Meral Danış Beştaş, MP (Turkey), Behçet Yıldırım, MP (Turkey), Berdan Öztürk, MP (Turkey), Dirayet Taşdemir, MP (Turkey), Sırrı Süreyya Önder, MP (Turkey), Mehmet Ali Aslan, MP (Turkey), Saadet Becerikli, MP (Turkey), Celadet Gaydalı, MP (Turkey), Mizgin Irgat, MP (Turkey), Nimetullah Erdoğmuş, MP (Turkey), Ziya Pir, MP (Turkey), Altan Tan, MP (Turkey), İmam Taşçıer, MP (Turkey), Feleknas Uca, MP (Turkey), Sibel Yiğitalp, MP (Turkey), Mahmut Toğrul, MP (Turkey), Nihat Akdoğan, MP (Turkey), Selma Irmak, MP (Turkey), Abdullah Zeydan, MP (Turkey), Mehmet Emin Adıyaman, MP (Turkey), Erdal Ataş, MP (Turkey), Celal Doğan, MP (Turkey), Hüda Kaya, MP (Turkey), Garo Paylan, MP (Turkey), Müslüm Doğan, MP (Turkey), Ali Atalan, MP (Turkey), Erol Dora, MP (Turkey), Mithat Sancar, MP (Turkey), Gülser Yıldırım, MP (Turkey), Dengir Mir Mehmet Fırat, MP (Turkey), Burcu Çelik, MP (Turkey), Kadri Yıldırım, MP (Turkey), İbrahim Ayhan, MP (Turkey), Osman Baydemir, MP (Turkey), Dilek Öcalan, MP (Turkey), Leyla Birlik, MP (Turkey), Ferhat Encu, MP (Turkey), Aycan İrmez, MP (Turkey), Alican Önlü, MP (Turkey), Lezgin Botan, MP (Turkey), Adem Geveri, MP (Turkey), Bedia Özgökçe Ertan, MP (Turkey), Nursel Aydoğan, MP (Turkey), Faysal Sarıyıldız, MP (Turkey), Tuğba Hezer Öztürk, MP (Turkey), Jan Peumans, MP (Belgium), Paul Maskey, MP (UK), Ruth Coppinger, MP (Ireland), Mick Barry, MP (Ireland), Karel Schwarzenberg, MP (Czech Republic), Paul Molac, MP (France), Caroline Szyber, MP (Sweden), Lars Aslan, MP (Denmark), Damir Masic, MP (Bosnia), Thomas Pringle, MP (Ireland) , Petra Bayr, MP (Austria), Trevor ó Clochartaigh, MP (Ireland), Rasmus Nordquiste, (Norway), Clive Lewis, MP ( UK), Laura Castel i Fort, MP (Spain), Pascal Savoldelli, MP (France), David Norris, MP (Ireland), Liesbeth van Tongeren, MP (The Netherlands), Nicolas Turquois, MP (Austria), Paul William, MP (UK), Sal Brinton, MP (UK), Angela Harris, MP (UK), Nikolaj Willumsen, MP (Denmark), Lisbeth Bech Poulsen, MP (Denmark), Karen Klint, MP (Denmark), Christian Juhl, MP (Denmark), Finn Sørensen, MP (Denmark), Uffe Elbæk, MP (Denmark), Stine Brix, MP (Denmark), Pelle Dragsted, MP (Denmark), Sofie Carsten Nielsen, MP (Denmark), Pia Olsen Dyhr, MP (Denmark), Holger K. Nielsen, MP (Denmark), Marianne Jelved, MP (Denmark), Magni Arge, MP (Denmark), Josephine Fock, MP (Denmark), Jacob Mark, MP (Denmark), Caroline Maier, MP (Denmark), Jakob Sølvhøj, MP (Denmark), Rune Lund, MP (Denmark), Jesper Kiel, MP (Denmark), Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, MP (Denmark), Søren Egge Rasmussen, MP (Denmark), Maria Reumert Gjerding, MP (Denmark), Henning Hyllested, MP (Denmark), Eva Flyvholm, MP (Denmark), Sjurdur Skaale, MP (Denmark), Anders Anders Stjernholm,MP (Denmark), Zenia Stampe, MP (Denmark), Kristen Brosbøl, MP (Denmark), Roger Courage Matthisen, MP (Denmark), Torsten Geil, MP (Denmark), Margrete Auken, MPE (Denmark), Li Andersson, MP (Finland), Bertrand Pancher, MP (France), Sandra Marsaud, MP (France), Sira Sylla, MP (France) , Jean-Louis Tourine, MP (France), Yves Blein, MP (France), Mireille Clapot, MP (France),Hodgson of Abinger, MP (UK), Sébastien Nadot, MP (France), Laurence Fehlmann, MP (Swiss), Paul Maskey, MP (UK), Philippe Gosselin, MP (France), Caroline Janvier, MP (France), Danièle Cazarian, MP (France), Attila Mesterházy, MP (Hungary),   Jean-Louis Tourraine, MP (France), Sandra Marsaud, MP (France), Danièle Cazarian, MP (France), Delphine O, MP (France), Thomas Rudigoz, MP (France), Charles de Courson, MP (France), Valérie Thomas, MP (France), Lívia Járóka, Vice-president of the European Parliament (Hungary), Damian Draghici, MEP (Romania), Ivo Vajgl, MEP (Slovenia), Patrick Le Hyaric, MEP (France), Martina Michels, MEP (Germany), Ivan Jakovcic, MEP (Croatia), Duroyan Fertl, MEP (Ireland), Boris Zala, MEP (Slovakia), Julie Ward, MEP (UK), Liadh Ní Riada, MEP (Ireland), Lynn Boylan, MEP (Ireland), Matt Carthy, MEP (Ireland), Ana Maria Gomes, MEP (Portugal), Bart Staes, MEP (Belgium), Benedek Javor, MEP (Hungary), Marc Tarabella, MEP (Belgium), Elmar Brok, MEP (Germany), Brando Benifei, MEP (Italy), Philippe Lamberts, MEP (Belgium), Noël Mamère, MEP (France), Seb Dance, MEP (UK), Costas Mavrides, MEP (Cyprus), José Inácio Faria, MEP (Portugal), Stelio Kouloglou, MEP (Greece), Josef Weidenholzer, MEP (Austria), Peter Niedermüller, MEP (Hungary), Luke Ming Flanagan, MEP (Ireland), Ivan Stefanec, MEP (Slovakia), Gabriel Zimmer, MEP (Germany), Josef Weidenholzer, MEP (Austria), Michal Boni, MEP (Poland), Luke Ming Flamagan,MEP (Ireland), Søren Søndergaard, MEP (Denmark), Paul Murphy, MEP (Ireland), Kati Piri, MEP (Hungary), Dominique Riquet, MEP (France), Michaela Šojdrová, MEP (Czech Republic), Dimitrios Papadimoulis, MEP (Greece)

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