Turkish political actor: ‘Armenians fight against Turkish army in Afrin’

Turkish political actor: ‘Armenians fight against Turkish army in Afrin’

The head of “Union for Fighting against Ungrounded Armenian Claims” (ASİMDER) functioning in Turkey, Goksel Gilbey has announced that the Armenians of Syria and Assyrians fight against the Armed Forces of Turkey together with Kurdish forces in Afrin. Gilbey, representing his data, has mentioned that 14 Christian young men, 4 of which Armenians and 3 – Assyrians, fight as members of Kurdish military forces (Goksel considers the latter as a terrorist groups).

Turkish “Antalyasonhaber” media group has made a reference to Gyoksel’s data. Goksel has reminded that days ago, during the rocket attack of Afrin by Turkish Armed Forces, an Armenian – Rocher Konis, died, who was represented as a peaceful resident.      

Goksel, who is famous for his Anti-Armenian activities, has insisted that Armenian youngster was not a peaceful resident, but one of the Armenians who had joined Kurdish armed groups. He has accused Armenia for supporting terrorist organizations again, as well as continued insisting that in Artsakh “Workers’ Party of Kurdistan” (PKK) military champ functions, where 1750 militants pass a special training.  

As stated by him, Armenia has taken Armenians and Yezidi Kurds to Karabakh during Syrian War. According to Goksel, those “Yezidi Kurds” have started to pass to Syria’s Qamishli region through Iran and Iraq, then Manbij and they now fight against Turkish Army by the weapons supplied by the US in Afrin.  

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