Zaruhi Postanjyan: ‘Our citizens are not frightened, but, it will sound roughly – numb.’

Zaruhi Postanjyan: ‘Our citizens are not frightened, but, it will sound roughly – numb.’

The leader of “Yerkir Tsirani” party, Zaruhi Postanjyan was in Lori region. The latter, walking around the streets of Vanadzor, was announcing that no Armenian should hereinafter tolerate the illegalities taking place in Armenia. She called on a united uprising: “We should all give hand to hand and come out to the streets, fill our streets and squares and overthrow the illegal authority functioning in Armenia. We leave you a message for you not to continue living under this devil’s formula and listen to the hell’s music which sounds in the Republic of Armenia today.”

Ms. Postanjyan walked from Hayq square to the market of clothes with her party colleagues. Several Vanadzor residents joined them on their way. She voiced her urge to uprising also for the gathered people. Then, showing on the poster entailing “Hell’s music in Armenia: rebel and refuse the devil’s formula”, she emphasized: “The picture has 500 years of history and all the images you see in this picture we can see within our today’s occupied authorities. This is the devil which unceasingly wishes to grasp our power and enslave, swallow the people and drink their blood. This has happened for centuries.”

Ms. Postanjyan states that the upcoming 2 months are important to the Armenian nation and statehood. And the uprising should be widespread and should include not only the Republic of Armenia, but also the Diaspora: “Our citizens are not frightened, but, it will sound rough, they are numb. And it is not incidentally that we show this ear on the poster, our ear, which they have cut off.”


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