Republicans not to boycott ‘Yelq’ special session: ‘We can dispel Mr. Pashinyan’s fears’

Republicans not to boycott ‘Yelq’ special session: ‘We can dispel Mr. Pashinyan’s fears’

Oppositional “Yelq” has called for a special session on the inflation, which the “Tsarukyan” bloc has promised to join. However, if the Republicans boycott it, obviously it will not take place.

During the National Assembly briefing, reporters asked why they had decided to call for a special session, if it depends on the ruling Republican Party, initially knowing that it would fail, whether it would not be appropriate to invite parliamentary hearings and boycott on the meeting with presidential candidate Armen Sargsyan. Pashinyan replied that in that case there would be journalists who would again say whether it would not be better to call for a special session, if there were hearings, they might say the hearings should have been boycotted. “In that case, there would be a question why we do not boycott the National Assembly sittings, the sittings of the committees. That is boycott is a comprehensible and acceptable tool, but if you say what we would achieve during the boycott that we did not within the meeting… maybe that… That is I do not say no way for one or the other. Just in any case, we need to understand what we do and why. In this case, we have given importance to our message, and have expressed our concerns, and our concerns about the general political situation to Armen Sargsyan. In general, you can hardly find a citizen who has wished to meet with us and has not met. Armen Sargsyan also said that we needed to regard him as a citizen of Armenia”.

He said they convened the session, knowing that each member was obliged to come to the meeting, rather than being guided by the presumption of failing it.

And the leader of the Republican faction Vahram Baghdasaryan stated: “We can dispel Mr. Pashinyan’s fears, the Republican Party does not have any intention not to participate. We should participate in this session. Of course, anything was said during the hearings is going to be repeated, we have been able to reasonably express ourselves and justify the current situation within the hearings, but we do not laze and  respecting our opposition partners, once again we will take part in the special session and once again justify the situation”.



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