Scandal in Yerevan City Council’s session

Scandal in Yerevan City Council’s session

A while ago a scandal took place in the session of the City Council of Yerevan. Member of the City Council from “Yerkir Tsirani” party, Marina Khachatryan had brought a substance with odor in glass bottles for the Mayor and the City members to breathe and imagine what air Nubarashen district residents breathe because of “Nubarashen” penitentiary’s damaged sewage, which has not been repaired for years.      

The incident took place all of a sudden when the Council was discussing the issue of the upgrade of the kindergartens. Until that “Yerkir Tsirani” members put on medical gloves and masks, distributed to “Yelq” members as well, after which they immediately stood up and approached to the Mayor and the RPA members sitting on the front with the glass bottles on their hands. One of the glass bottles broke, the odor spread through the hall.

The men present in the session, jumping from their seats, tried to keep Marina Khachatryan back, pulled her from this side to that and took other bottles out of her hands and tried to take her out of the hall by pushing her and screaming. Ms. Khachatryan opposed. A fist fight started between those who were trying to protect Marina Khachatryan and the ones who were pushing her out of the hall.


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