‘Economic issues expected in Azerbaijan, clan fights in process’: political scientist

‘Economic issues expected in Azerbaijan, clan fights in process’: political scientist

“He should say something, should he not? Elections are on their way. It is for the inner auditorium’, told political scientist, Alexander Iskandaryan, referring to the announcement on “taking Yerevan back” by the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. Afterwards, he mentioned the reasons having served as a ground for holding the presidential elections of Azerbaijan on April, instead of October: “At first oil prices dropped at once, because of which Azerbaijan reduced even the military budget. Now they almost do not purchase military armament, the mentioned is supplied only due to the formerly signed agreements. Economic issues are to be expected in the near future as well, which are again connected with the fall of the oil prices. The next reason is that father and son Aliyevs have been in power for almost a half-century. There are inner controversies, clan fights in place.”

Mr. Iskandaryan explained that the representatives of Aliyev elite are almost withdrawn from the government, and Pashayev’s family – Mehriban Aliyeva’s family has taken higher political positions: “Inner clashes take place in this context leading to Aliyev’s attempts of providing his position as soon as possible.”


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