Protest against Ateshian in Constantinople

Protest against Ateshian in Constantinople

On the day of the Main Barekendan on February 11, there were complaints against Archbishop Aram Ateshian during the holy liturgy in Istanbul.

The reason for the complaint was the decision of the religious assembly of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople on February 9. The assembly, with the demands of the state, restored Archbishop Aram Ateshian to the post of Vicar of the Patriarch.

The complaint against Ateshian took place at the Armenian church in Ferikyo district, where Ateshian was present at the liturgy. Besse Kabak, who took part in the liturgy, raised the Bible as a sign of protest and began singing “Lord, have mercy”.

Kabak was asked to leave the church, and the policemen standing near the doorway of the church took him to the Ferikyo police station, where he was kept for an hour and set free.

Let us remind that on February 5, the Istanbul Governor’s Office sent a letter to the Patriarchate. The letter stated that the state considers the election of Karekin Archbishop Bekchian as Vicar of the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople on March 15, 2017, and the decisions he made during that period invalid, and recognizes Aram Ateshian as head of the Patriarchate, who received powers of Vicar Patriarch by the Council of Ministers in 2010. The letter emphasizes that patriarchal elections can not be held as long as Patriarch Mesrob Mutafyan is alive.

Let us note that the Patriarch is unable to perform his duties because of an incurable disease. This is also proved by the physician conclusions and the decision of the court recognizing him as disable and his mother as his guardian.

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