Armenia 34th in list of cheapest countries in world

Armenia 34th in list of cheapest countries in world

Go Banking Rates has compiled the list of the cheapest countries in the world, including Armenia.

In particular, Armenia occupies the 34th rank in the list of 50 countries. Next to Armenia, on the 35th place is Azerbaijan in the table, and Georgia is on the 16th.

“Stunning scenes, full of Greco-Roman and Medieval ruins, and it is not the only reason for which you would like to spend your whole life in Armenia. This country is among the ones with the lowest cost of living, where renting is for 91 percent lower than in New York”, written in the description of Armenia.

The ranking list was compiled based on the salaries, real estate rents, taxes, food and restaurant prices in those countries, which were compared with the corresponding figures of New York.


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