‘Demolition of ‘Zvartnots’ old building within framework of business plan’: architect on ‘Zvartnots’ demolition threat

‘Demolition of ‘Zvartnots’ old building within framework of business plan’: architect on ‘Zvartnots’ demolition threat

“Only the fact that this building is not included in the list of monuments preserved by the state makes it vulnerable”, in an interview with Aravot.am, architect Sarhat Petrosyan spoke about the danger of demolition threatening to the old building of Zvartnots airport.

Let us remind that the “Zvartnots” international airport concessionaire 2018-2022 project was submitted in the e-draft.am website of publications of legal acts drafts by the General Department of Civil Aviation, which envisages that the old building of the airport will be demolished to expand the new airport landing area. The draft still has to be discussed in the government.

“It is clear that all this is within the framework of a business plan. But if there is such a thing in the business plan, it does not mean that the implementation of it is appropriate. This building is a value and it should be preserved. I think we need to maintain a dialogue with the owner to understand how to reuse the old building”, noted the architect. According to him, our country does not assume the responsibility for the preservation of cultural heritage, that is why old buildings and other cultural values like “Zvartnots” face such a fate.

According to Sarhat Petrosyan, when the estacade of the old building was demolished, this fact already “paved the way” for the business plan to completely demolish the building.



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