‘Existence of Azerbaijan itself is threat to region’

‘Existence of Azerbaijan itself is threat to region’

“The existence of Azerbaijan itself is a threat to the region, thus we pay constant attention to our defense issues. Armed forces are ready to neutralize the real danger at any time”, referring to the question whether to what extent there is a real danger of military actions in Aliyev’s statement for “returning Yerevan and Zangezur”, said Armenian Deputy Defense Minister Artak Zakaryan in an interview with “Aravot”. According to him, such a statement of Aliyev may be based on certain calculations arising from both internal problems and the future.

According to the Deputy Minister, the fact that Aliyev most likely will be reelected April does not have any direct or indirect impact on the Karabakh conflict settlement process. “Conflict resolution has been underway for years on the same principles and will continue in the same way”, said Artak Zakaryan.



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