Good And Bad: Again About Faith

Good And Bad: Again About Faith

In our reality, the good and bad matter is so lumped that sometimes there is a need to separate them, because, according to scientists (not British), any human brain can perceive the information in three ways: 1/if the information is too clear, we ignore it, 2/if the information is too complicated for us, we are inclined to simplify it, 3/if the information, in our view, poses a threat to us, we face a dilemma: to hit or to escape, to enter into a fight or to avoid it. In the context of the topic we are interested in the second option – the ability of our brain to simplify the complex matters.

Especially on the Internet, where there is an obvious haste, where after having a glance on the information people immediately express opinions, social, political phenomena are simplified, and what demands serious thoughts and hard work is presented as a simple “one-step combination”.

But if in politics, everything is not as clear as it is presented, then approaching phenomena by making simple judgments and lumping everything in belief, in spiritual life in general, I believe is even worse. Here is the need to distinguish between good and bad. Particularly, the fact that the current Catholicos and some high-ranking clergymen are “simple” representatives of the ruling oligarchy, is not yet a basis for being an atheist. Moreover, it does not serve as a basis for not respecting the Armenian Apostolic Church. Although the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy insisted that one could believe without being in contact with representatives of the “official” church, personally I am against such radicalism: we have many respectful clergymen.

There is another “watershed” that can help to avoid excessive simplicity. If a person is a believer, it does not mean that he believes it is possible to treat a toothache by prayers or prayed water. Faith is not for healing a toothache, nor for achieving “success” by the bourgeois standards. Successes achieved by faith are from another scope. We will talk about it another time.

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