Khachatur Kokobelyan and Party Members Join Nikol Pashinyan’s Fight

Khachatur Kokobelyan and Party Members Join Nikol Pashinyan’s Fight

Leader of “Free Democrats” party Khachatur Kokobelyan was also at the French Square. “We express our support for the actions that have taken place throughout this time, and for peaceful, democratic instruments to fight against everything that is an obstacle to solving major challenges of the Republic of Armenia. I think this fight will be widely supported by citizens, this will not be a one-day struggle. I do not see any problem of disappointment, we should be armed with endurance and fight for having free Armenia. I cannot imagine any person with oppositional views who does not come to this square today. I think everyone will join because the opposition does not have so much potential to act individually, the opposition should act cooperatively”, said Khachatur Kokobelyan.

In response to the question whether this way of fighting is acceptable for him or not, Kokobelyan said that any way of peaceful struggle is acceptable for them, and that is what democracy demands. He said he will stay with the activists and that he has come not alone but with his party supporters and board members.

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