Nikol Pashinyan And Protestors Intruded Building of Public Radio

Nikol Pashinyan And Protestors Intruded Building of Public Radio The participants of the protest against Serzh Sargsyan’s return to government as prime minister noticed “a Republican” in the street, followed him into the building of the Public Radio. The police tried to stop them but were not able to. 

At 3:34 pm Nikol Pashinyan announced that demands live broadcast for his message to the citizens of Armenia. He said they will not leave the building until they find that their goal has been achieved.One of the police officers pointed a gun in the direction of demonstrators who intruded the building but did not fire.Nikol Pashinyan is preparing to make a statement via radio.

At 15:38 Nikol Pashinyan telephoned Mark Grigoryan, the executive director of Public Radio. He said that this is an act of protest against the Public Television and Public Radio for not covering their demonstrations. He asked Mark Grigoryan to provide live broadcast.

At 15:41 the spokesperson for the Public Radio Lika Tumanyan proposed Nikol Pashinyan to be the guest of the live program at 19:00. Tumanyan said they could not let them go live ow because the program would be disrupted. Nikol Pashinyan refused and insisted on immediate live statement addressed to people.

At 15:51 Nikol Pashinyan called on the former staff members of the Public Radio to come and help them use the equipment to go live.

At 15:57 electricity in the building of the Public Radio was switched off not to let Pashinyan go live.

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