Suren Bagratuni: «Khachaturyan’s Contest Revealed Great Performers, Vocalists And Conductors to the Music World»

Suren Bagratuni: «Khachaturyan’s Contest Revealed Great Performers, Vocalists And Conductors to the Music World»

The 14-th Khachaturyan International Competition will start on June 6, on Aram Khachaturyan’s birthday. This year cello will be included in the program as well. The competition jury will be headed by Suren Bagratuni, well – known contemporary cellist, cello professor at the Michigan State University, the head of String Instruments Chair.

Khachaturyan competition has revealed many talented young people during several years in different musical spheres, new names, that later became professionals and made their contribution in classical music.

Khachaturyan’s 14th international competition jury president Suren Bagratuni mentioned that Khachaturyan contest is a great event not only in Armenia, but in international music life as well. «I believe the cellists competition promises to be very interesting in terms of participants’ choice. As a jury head, I look forward meeting with young performers with impatience. Khachaturyan’s previous competitions revealed wonderful singers, vocalists and conductors to the music world. Hope this year’s competition will also fulfill its mission», – said the jury head.

Speaking about jury members, Mr. Bagratuni stated, that they are representing different countries of the world: USA, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, Serbia. «The seven jury members are expected to select contest best participants.  As a matter of fact, the competition always brings the bitterness of losing together with the joy of victory. But future will put everything in its places».

The competition this year symbolizes Aram Khachaturyan’s 115-th jubilee year. Will Khachaturyan’s works be performed during the competition? Suren Bagratuni says: «Cellists must be lucky, as Aram Khachaturyan, being a cellist himself, has written several works for us-cellists. I have included in the compulsory competition program his solo “Sonata-Fantasy” for cello and Cello Concerto or Concerto-rhapsody are optional. These are the three works that are to be included in contemporary cellists’ repertoire».

Over the past 13 years, the Khachaturyan contest has revealed many famous musicians, including cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan, Andrey Ionitsa and many others. Suren Bagratuni mentioned that Narek Hakhnazaryan and Andrei Ionitsa are great cellists and have gained their own place on international musical scenes. He expressed the hope that the upcoming competition will also reveal new talents.

Being a laureate of numerous competitions, Suren Bagratouni is a well-known pedagogue and deeply understands the feelings of the young musicians participating in the competition. He advises them to be prepared properly, be in good health state and perform from heart. “It’s very important being yourself and dedicated to music at the same time,” – says Suren Bagratuni.

Arpi Suqiasyan 

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