Gevorg Kostanyan Explains How 200 Thousand Drams Become 85 Million

Gevorg Kostanyan Explains How 200 Thousand Drams Become 85 Million

Gevorg Kostanyan, a member of the Republican Party of Armenia faction, commenting on the publication of “How Gevorg Kostanyan’s property reached 85 million from 200 thousand”, explained how he accumulated his wealth.

In our publication, referring to the property and estate declarations of high-ranking officials submitted to the Ethics Committee, we had noted  that in 2011, when Gevorg Kostanyan was the Military Prosecutor and the Deputy Prosecutor General, in the beginning of the fiscal year “had” only 200 thousand drams, and at the end of the year, it had already been declared to be 25 million drams.

Kostanyan in this regard assured that before 2011, he had submitted a report on his property to tax authorities: “As an official since 2007, when I was Deputy Minister of Justice and then Assistant to the President of the Republic of Armenia, I had submitted a declaration on my property  to tax authorities which provides all grounds and answers”.

In response to the question of, how he managed to make 25 million drams out of 200 thousand within a year, Kostanyan assured: “I have sold an apartment”.

To the following question why the declaration does not note about the selling, Kostanyan said: “I had sold the apartment much earlier before submitting the declaration. When we filled in the declaration in 2010, there was no question about sale or purchase”.

Kostanyan expressed a wish to clarify how his 85 million money was accumulated. “I have sold two apartments, one for 48 million drams, the other for 34,4 million drams, and a garage for 2,8 million drams. This is how I accumulated 85 million drams”.

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