Demonstrators Break Police Chain And Head Towards Nalbandyan

Demonstrators Break Police Chain And Head Towards Nalbandyan

The police removed the sit-in students and made a chain on the Heratsi street.

Pashinyan and the protestors announced that they do not want clashes and broke the police chain and reached the police administrative building, Nalbandyan Street.

Several police groups came out of the building and tried to resist making a wall, but the demonstrators succeeded in breaking the wall, and now they are in the Nalbandian-Moskovyan section. They are moving forward chanting “Armenia is ours”.

From time to time they call on the demonstrators to raise their hands and show that they do not want clashes.

Pashinyan apologizes to the police that their family members are also being disturbed: “My brothers cannot injure me, the policemen are my brothers. No violence against any police officer, no insults, only respect”.

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