Media Attacked in Front of Shirak Police Station in Gyumri

Media Attacked in Front of Shirak Police Station in Gyumri

Garegin Nzhdeh Street in Gyumri is still blocked. The activists blocking the street with their cars show that they are joining the rallies in Yerevan. Not many people have gathered yet.

Representatives of mass media are working in front of Shirak regional administration building. Hearing that shortly before evacuators were brought and placed in front og the Shirak Regional Police Station, media representatives approached the area to take pictures and to videotape. A few people, most likely, the evacuators’ drivers attacked journalists and cameramen voicing insulting expressions.

The operator of the “Shant” TV company told that such tone of talking is inappropriate in the presence of women. In response, they tried to push one of the female journalists which was prevented by the operator.

The police were watching all this, trying to intervene and make order. In fact, these evacuators were placed at Shirak Police Station by order of the police.

At this moment a car march started through the central streets of Gyumri.

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