Pashinyan Says They Intend to Break Through Police Chain And Reach National Assembly

Pashinyan Says They Intend to Break Through Police Chain And Reach National Assembly

Baghramyan Avenue, and Moskovyan street are closed. Nikol Pashinyan handed Baghramyan Avenue to “Yelq” MP Lena Nazaryan saying he hopes she will not surrender. He moved to another section. Police forces have accumulated in Baghramyan Avenue.

Pashinyan said they intend to break through the police chain and reach the National Assembly: “Let me not even mention that it is my workplace”. Pashinyan apologized to the citizens for inconvenience and said: “Do you know why they do not raise your salaries? Because people like us do not do such political campaign often. They do not need you, that is why they do not raise your salaries”. He promised that the budget revenues will increase by 30 percent and people’s salaries will rise.

In response to the journalists’ question whether how this protest action differs from previous ones, Pashinyan said that this is 2018, there has never been 2018 before, and Serzh Sargsyan has never tried to have a third term before, “No one has tried”.

He said that if the National Assembly session is held out of Yerevan, they will take control of the capital.

Students have blocked the roads along the Yeritasardakan Metro. The main organizer is David Petrosyan, who was fighting for the deferment right. They have blocked the Isahakyan Street with flowers pots and bins, and walk toward the Abovyan Park. Students also have blocked the transport routes, and are calling for joining them to strike.

The students managed to block the Abovyan-Koryun section, all the roads at the Medical University are blocked.

Some of the drivers join the students. The police took the passport and the documents from one of the drivers’ car who had joined the demonstrators telling him they wanted to check his identity.

One of the citizens argued with the students, saying that they did the same in 1988, and everyone saw what happened. He was yelling that he fought in 1990, and the students responded: “We fought in April too, then what?”.

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