Border village Barekamavan’s nights in darkness

Border village Barekamavan’s nights in darkness

The remote, borderline Barekamavan village of Noyemberyan region of Tavush province is one of the unique settlements in Noyemberyan region, where there is no night lighting network.

Barekamavan’s administrative head Jonik Mikayelyan says that some part of Barekamavan residents are against having a night lighting network thinking that the lights at night may become a target for Azerbaijani soldiers, others are for having.

Jonik Mikayelyan said that lights are on in front of the Barekamavan village administration building and 5 private houses during the night. He said that he has informed the Noyemberian’s municipality about the problem of street lighting network construction in Barekamavan. Barekamavan is part of the enlarged Noyemberyan community. According to Mikayelyan, Noyemberyan’s community does not have the resources to build a network of night lighting in Barekamavan border village.



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