Aram Sargsyan Put Aside the Wreath Sent by Serzh Sargsyan

Aram Sargsyan Put Aside the Wreath Sent by Serzh Sargsyan

Vazgen Sargsyan would have been 54 years old today

“From the human perspective, the most important, the main thing is missing Vazgen. Coming here, seeing so many people, it is the feeling of Vazgen’s being not only mine, but also everyone’s that makes me proud. I am proud today that I have a brother like Vazgen. He was like that too. He was not appreciated like this at the time; I would like him to see that he is appreciated so much. Very few people would appreciate. Many people would flatter him, but there was no appreciation,” Sparapet Vazgen Sargsyan’s brother, Aram Sargsyan, the leader of the Republic Party, shared his thoughts in Yerablur during a conversation with today. Today is the Sparapet’s birthday. According to the established tradition, members of the Union of Yerkrapah Volunteers (UYV), heads of the UYV district offices visited Vazgen Sargsyan’s parents’ home in Ararat, then the Sparapet’s home museum, then put flowers on his grave in Yerablur. Today Vazgen’s comrades-in-arms were also in Yerablur. There was a wreath on Vazgen Sargsyan’s grave that was sent on behalf of Serzh

Sargsyan. Aram Sargsyan approached his brother’s grave, took the wreath sent on Serzh Sargsyan’s behalf and put it aside, in order that those who would approach were not compelled to arrange their flowers next to that wreath. Seyran Ohanyan, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, and Taron Margaryan, the mayor of Yerevan, were also in Yerablur. In their speeches, Seyran Ohanyan and Manvel Grigoryan, the president of the UYV, highly appreciated Vazgen Sargsyan’s role and significance not only in the army-building, but also in the state-building in Armenia. The swearing-in ceremony of young Yerkraps also took place in Yerablur, after which they performed shows. Aram Sargsyan and his fellow party members were watching all that from a distance. And the youngest Sargsyan brother, Armen, was standing with representatives of the UYV and the Cabinet. “Hats off also to the guys from the UYV and the army for organizing such events, processes, which are for the future. I assure you that the swearing-in ceremony of so many young boys on Vazgen’s birthday will be in their memory and will have an impact on the state’s future,” Aram Sargsyan said, adding that the best way of responding to those people who had organized the events of October 27, who were behind the criminals are such events and remembering Vazgen, “continuing the unfinished work of the man who was killed.” In response to an observation of that at present, the UYV and the army stood by a political team that was not accepted by a large part of society, including himself and the party he led, that we were sure that Vazgen would like to see the UYV and the army stand by a more honest political force, Aram Sargsyan said: “I share your opinion. I am also sure that Vazgen had a different approach, was a person with a different opinion. You know, Vazgen was a kind of person that saw the good in people. Encouraging the good, he would make that person better. After Vazgen, the incumbent president tried to find the weakness of every person, to get dividends, encouraging that weakness. There are people whose psychological influence pollutes the environment very much, and the polluted environment causes suspiciousness, distrust, emigration, and disappointment. Vazgen was a kind of person with hope, a man of hope. Vazgen would consider everyone a person with the best merits, the best traits, putting aside the bad, even educating, even giving dictations. But he built the army, which became one of the mature institutions of Armenia, and officers in that army, regardless of what activities they engaged in in what period, took mainly right actions with Vazgen, when Vazgen was alive. I express my gratitude to them for that period, keeping green the memory of Vazgen, honestly loving Vazgen in their hearts.”

Aram Sargsyan has no doubt that everyone who came to Yerablur today loved Vazgen as much as he does. “It is a different matter that he has his own attitude to life, like my younger brother. It is his way of life, his credo. It is a different matter. It is hard to say whether it is good or bad. Perhaps, I am bad….”


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