“It is not easy to break the denial tradition of 101 years”

“It is not easy to break the denial tradition of 101 years”

“There are many people in Turkey who are trying to raise the issues of minorities,” – says the Armenian lawmaker Garo Paylan in an interview with Aravot. Now, he is trying to raise these issue in the parliament. According to him, the majority of the public in Turkey denies the Armenian genocide. “We are talking about the denial tradition of 101 years, and it is not easy to pass through and break it. There were developments in confrontation for few years, but along with the narrowing of the political environment and growing nationalism, the issue of the Armenian Genocide returned to the issues that contain a risk, – says Mr. Paylan and continues, – Especially in the past, the community living today in the places dwelled mostly by Armenians, those who know the history of their family realize the reality of the genocide, however, a suitable environment must be prepared for them to be expressed in a loud voice.”

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