Crime against human

Crime against human

The horrific slaughter in the “Pulse” gay nightclub in the American city of Orlando causes to think about the man, his beliefs and his lifestyle is, as well as how all this is related to the state and its security.

Afghan-American Omar Mateen, killing 50 people, had expressed his hatred of homosexuals, maybe his sympathy to the “Islamic state”, perhaps also loyalty towards radical Islamism. But his victims were PEOPLE, in this case, it does not matter what they believe, whom they were kissing or have an intercourse with. In their private file, they have the right to do what they want, gather in any club and live as they prefer.

Instead of condemning the terrorism, “Yeni Akit” Turkish daily newspaper, which supports Erdoğan, on the contrary, blames the victims by calling them “perverts.” In fact, this newspaper preaches hatred for ethnic minorities in Turkey, including for Armenians. Actually, “distracted” and “perverted” are those who one way or another justify the violence, especially the murder. For the same Omar, it is known that he used to beat his ex-wife when the latter, for example, has not managed to do the laundry. Great terrorism gives birth to small violence.

In Armenia, it is clear that hardly any registered media would directly advocate terrorism and cannibalism. But I read “Yeni Akit-type” responses in the social networks, “they deserve it.” As a substantiation for such a position, I am illustrating “ideological,”national” and “patriotic” arguments. Allegedly, these “perverts” undermine our national spirit and hinder the enhancement of our state. Although, it seems to me that just on the contrary, the lack of tolerance hinders the enhancement of our state, primarily, by the government and in the first place towards those who have political and economic ambitions. But the general atmosphere of intolerance, indeed, exists in our society. To be sure of it, you can read the comments written under this article in “Aravot” website and social networks.

This intolerance towards homosexuals comes to Armenia, naturally, not from Turkey and the Islamists but from the current Russian official campaign, which is consumed by our fellow citizens in huge “dosages”. This campaign is aimed not so much against homosexuals but against the West, whose tolerance allegedly is destructive. In the next decade, we will see what destructs to whom.


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