In 2020, Arthur Aleksanyan is going to “shave the opponents’ hair”

In 2020, Arthur Aleksanyan is going to “shave the opponents’ hair”

On December 13, Yerevan State Linguistic University After “V. Brusov” hosted an event entitled “Armenian victory path” which was guested by Artur Aleksanyan, a triple European champion and double world champion and champion of 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  “Such meetings give a great strength of each athlete, “I consider myself a happy person and I am always encouraged by such meetings.  True, difficult moments and disappointments happen to any athlete in his life, but they should not break me.  There were failures in my life too but my father has always given me strength, ultimately, you cannot taste the joy of victory without a defeat,” said Arthur Aleksanyan.  And to the question of who was Artur Aleksanyan before becoming a wrestler, Gyumri-resident wrestler jokingly replied that he used to start and end his day with sports since the age of 7, and before that, he was just a 6 years old kid.


The participants of the meeting also revealed that the most interesting team in Arthur Aleksanyan’s life was with the gymnasts, and Arthur prefers Ronaldo in the contest Messi -Ronaldo (but Armenia’s team is always in the first place), he does not like to watch the videos of his fights, he considers the athletes who use dope weak-willed persons and after becoming a double champion of Olympics Games, he is going to shave the hair of the opponents, and most importantly, he is not familiar with the stellar disease, dispute everything, he is the same Arthur, only the color of his medals is changing.


Photos by Maya Avetisyan


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