Population falls in all regions of Armenia

Population falls in all regions of Armenia

During one year, 12 cases of maternal mortality was reported

The National Statistical Service has published the socio-economic situation in our country for January-December 2016.  Thus: as of January 1, 2017, the number of Armenia’s permanent population amounted to 2,986.5 thousand people instead of 2,998.6 thousand people for the same period last year.  In other words, the number of permanent residents in Armenia, in the beginning of 2017 compared to January 1, 2016, has reduced by 0.4% or by 12.1 thousand people, which as interpreted by the Service, was formed on the account of the difference in the indicators of natural surplus growth reported during the months of January-December in 2016 (12.5 thousand people) and the estimated migration balance (-24.6 thousand people).

According to the same source, 1 million 901.7 thousand out of 2,986.5 thousand people live in urban and 1 million 084.8 thousand people in rural areas.  The population of Yerevan compared to the figure last year has increased a little, by 2 thousand people.  If 1,073.7 thousand people used to live in the capital last year, this year, it is 1 million 075.9 people.  In Aragatsotn, however, the population dropped by thousand people.  In January-December, last year, the population in this region amounted to 129.8 thousand people, by this year data, it is 128.6 thousand people.  The population in Ararat region has also dropped to 258.5 thousand people from 258.9 thousand.  In Armavir, the population dropped by 800 people: to 265.8 thousand people this year compared to 266.6 last year.  In Gegharkunik, the population dropped by almost thousand people.

Last year, 231.8 thousand people lived in the region.  There is no growth of population in Lori too, on the contrary, 221.1 thousand people are left this year as compared to 225.0 thousand last year.  In Kotayk Marz, the population has dropped to 252.8 thousand people out of 253.9 thousand, in other words, there is a deficit of people here by more than thousand.  Shirak marz which is considered the poorest marz in the country, this year has lost about 4 thousand people.  Last year, by the NSS data, 243.2 thousand people used to live here.  In Syunik, the population dropped by 400 people.  In the same period of last year, 139.4 thousand people used to live in this region, as of January 1, this year, 139.0 thousand people.  There was no addition of population in Vayots Dzor too, on the contrary, the population is reduced by about 500 people amounting to 50.3 thousand people.

In Tavush, however, the population as compared to Vayots Dzor has dropped three times: as of January 1, 2016, 125.5 thousand people used to live here, this year – it is 124.5 thousand people.  By the NSS data, in January-December, 2016, 40,638 thousand live born were registered which is lower by 2.7% for the same period in 2015, and the total birth rate per 1000 people is reduced by 0.3 pro mille point and amounted to 13.6.  In January-December 2016, there were 28129 mortality cases.  Compared to 2015, the mortality has increased by 0.9%.  In January-December 2016, compared to January-December 2015, there was a decrease in mortality of children aged 0 to one year, by 3.8%.

In the mentioned period, 411 child morbidity cases aged 0-4 was registered, with children under 1 year amounted to 86.6%.  As reported by NSS, there were 12 cases of maternal mortality from pregnancy-related complications, birth and the post-natal period for January-December 2016.  In January-December last year, 16 thousand 294 couples got married which is less by 7.4% compared to the same period in 2015.  In January-December 2016, 3 thousand 648 couple divorced which is less by 0.6% compared to last year.

According to the NSS data, 26 people died from the diseases caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) for the same period.  The cases of suicide and suicide attempt together amount to 635 cases which are less by 12% compared to the cases in 2015.  Of them, 195 committed suicide which is less by 6.2% as compared to 2015.  Suicide attempts have respectively decreased by 14.4% amounting to 440 cases.

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