‘Neither Putin nor Trump to deal with Artsakh:’ Sergey Markedonov

‘Neither Putin nor Trump to deal with Artsakh:’ Sergey Markedonov

“Artsakh issue is not a priority for the US diplomacy, so for France,” said Russian political scientist Sergey Markedonov during the international forum “Breaking the Siege of Stepanakert: 25 years later”.  He pointed out that the Artsakh conflict is not a priority issue for Russia too, “It is not the task for the OSCE co-chairs to be dealing with immediately if let’s say there is an escalation.  Neither Putin nor Trump must deal with Artsakh.  There is no need to blame anyone for it.  It’s the same as you let’s say blame the weather.”

According to Markedonov, there are circumstances that do not allow a drastic solution to the conflict, “Let’s keep in mind that different countries have their own interests towards Azerbaijan.”  As described by Sergey Markedonov, the situation around Artsakh problem is quite complicated.


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