Velvet elections

Velvet elections

No matter how cautious we are to be repeated, anyway, we must, again and again, go back and address the parliamentary elections in Armenia because the topic of elections is not only important to those who wish to be elected but also to the electorates, and no matter the media and many political scientists qualify the political approaches of individual lawmakers and some alliances unserious, eventually, we have to look at the election process seriously because irrespective of who are the ones who want to be elected, it, first of all, depends on the attitude of us, the electorates, as to who and what the elected will be.  And it will depend on the elected who and in which direction they will lead our people and the state in the future.

Hence, no matter how we are looking from the side and prefer the position of the side viewer, the result will mainly depend on us, the electorates.  Certainly, you would say that as always, there will be electoral frauds and electoral bribes which will hamper the free and fair elections.  Nevertheless, again, it depends on us how big these electoral frauds and the electoral bribes will reach.  Eventually, we are the ones to make electoral frauds and distribute electoral bribes.  No one from a foreign country comes and does this work.  At best, observers arrive from foreign countries who either turn the blind eye on the electoral fraud or on the contrary.  This also largely depends on us.

No matter how politically unworthy and low-quality are our parliamentarian candidates, they are so many that you can easily choose and make about 100 such candidates a holder of the mandate, who will comply with the level of the lawmaker in all aspects.  In other words, again, it depends on us, and if these 100 deserved do not get a seat in the upcoming National Assembly, we should not seek the blame outside.

But which 100 deserved are we talking about, you will ask?  How to choose these 100 deserved?  This is the question.  Whether they are 100 or a little more or less, it will be apparent after the elections.  But the fact that they exist, it is for sure, I have no doubt about it.  However, just like you, I also doubt that these 100 may not get a seat in our National Assembly.  Because we usually elect the blabbermouths.  And the blabbermouths as you know are not the smart ones.  We usually elect braggers, however, nursing a hope with the braggers is impossible because, in my humble opinion, the braggers usually are not men with brains.  While we need smart and knowledgeable lawmakers, especially in the parliamentary system of governance after April.

But how to find and elect the ones who are smart and intelligent, especially since they are not talking much.  If we do not give our votes to blabbermouths and braggers, it would be already a serious move.  Because the blabbermouths and braggers talk too much and boastingly but do not say anything serious.  At best, they say that they are opposition while their competitors are not.  They also say that they will make a change in power, while their competitors will not.  In the case of a great desire, we certainly can believe their words but how to believe if their competitors are also saying the same thing about their competitors.

Believing becomes more difficult when you remember that the elected are telling one thing before the elections, while after being elected they say quite different thing.  It has always been the case.  This time it would not be an exception, especially since a regulation has been changed pertaining to the code of conduct of the deputies of the National Assembly.  Under the new regulation, the newly elected deputy can not only stand back from his election campaign promises but also oppose the alliance which nominated him as a deputy and his allies in this alliance.  Hence, no one can take away the mandate from his hands.  This means that some of our current opposition can immediately become a pro-government right after being elected.  But the opposite is also possible.  It is possible that there will be some in the National Assembly who would be upset and abandon RPA.  This would be very interesting.

In fact, I could not tell whom you should elect.  To be honest, I do not know either.  Frankly speaking, taciturnity and modesty are not standards too, especially since modesty can also be false.  Truly, it is hard to figure out anything under so much voice and noise.  Out of voices, the most sincere, however, is your inner voice.  Follow your inner voice.  It is the only one that sometimes does not deceive.

Voskan Yerevantsi

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