A group of women “under 35, good-looking and fluent in languages”: RPA to the National Assembly

A group of women “under 35, good-looking and fluent in languages”: RPA to the National Assembly

During the previous convocation of the National Assembly, Arpine Hovhannisyan was undoubtedly distinguished among other women with her education, knowledge, and of course, appearance.  One of the few members of the Republican party who does not cause negative emotions in the society was presentable and in some ways, “lives up” to his party.  Perhaps, having all of this in mind, RPA party has decided to bring more beautiful, educated and young women and girls into the National Assembly, by including them in the top positions.

The first woman candidate on the RPA proportional list was Arpine Hovhannisyan, number 3, then come RPA women representatives well-known from the previous convocation: Margarit Yesayan (number 8), Hermine Naghdalyan (number 12), Shushan Petrosyan (number 16), Ruzanna Muradyan (number 28), Karine Atshemyan (number 32), and Naira Karapetyan (number 36).  In the middle of this rank, you can see quite experienced in their professional field but not particularly involved in the political spectrum, Shushan Sardaryan (number 20) (she is the RP Officer for “Gazprom Armenia” from 2001 until now, and currently the advisor to the Prime Minister) and Jemma  Baghdasaryan (number 24) who has worked in the social sector for many years and quite acceptable specialist in her field.

Arusyak Poghosyan

After these more or less known to the wide public women, the RPA list comprises the aforementioned “athlete, beauty and Komsomol members.”  The “Komsomol member”, in this case, is one of the RPA youth wing activists, the 38th on the list, Arusyak Poghosyan, an employee of the Youth Foundation of Armenia.

Mariam Avetisyan

Number 40 is a young economist who has worked as an expert in the National Assembly, Mariam Avetisyan

Hasmik Apyan

Number 44 is Hasmik Apyan, again an RPA youth wing activist, Secretary General of the PRA party’s youth structure.  Apropos of this, her husband Michael Sahakyan who works at the Yerevan City Hall is also involved in the RPA proportional list.  True, he as a gallant man occupies much a lower position on this list than his wife who is number 61.  Their getting a seat in the National Assembly perhaps would become the first case when a married couple will be deputies of the National Assembly in the same convocation.  However, let’s go back to our beauties.

Margarita Sirekanyan

Number 47 on the list is another Komsomol member, I am sorry, an RPA young activist, Margarit Sirekanyan.

The next beauty on the list under number 51 is Gohar Navasardyan, an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, one of the persons who raised the problems of disabled to the society.

Gohar Navasardyan

Number 55 in the RPA proportional list is Lusine Tumyan whose age does not match the benchmark defined for a Komsomol member, she is over 40, instead, she was a member of the Christian Democratic Party headed by Khosrov Harutyunyan, a Deputy Chief of the Armenian Development Agency.

Maria Baraghamyan

Number 59 is the assistant to Yerevan Mayor, Maria Baraghamyan who essentially closes the number of young RPA women.

Lilit Gevorgyan

Hasmik Ghazaryan

Next comes the Executive Director of Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), formerly a board member of the RA Chamber of Control, Lilit Gevorgyan (number 64), who is followed by middle-aged women, mainly from educational sector, and then number 85 another young RPA member Hasmik Ghazaryan  and then mainly women nominated for the rating list.


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