Armen Martirosyan calls on to elect them as a bird in the hand

Armen Martirosyan calls on to elect them as a bird in the hand

Zaruhi Postanjyan said that your alliance will not win because people do not have a short memory, so how you will comment on this.  In response to this question in an interview with us, Vice-President of “Heritage” party, a member of ORO alliance, Armen Martirosyan, replied, “Allow me to comment on it on April 3 when the votes will be declared.”  He said that he has the opposite opinion, and as to what percentage of expectation they have, Mr. Martirosyan replied, “If I can give a snapshot of percentage in other circumstances, here I cannot do it because this is definitely a new situation, Seyran Ohanyan is a new figure in the political spectrum and there is a certain discrepancy in connection with him.  There was a positive perception in the society in the past, now thanks to this black campaign which is carried out towards him and the alliance, there is a certain step back.

Now, whether we will be able to bring the step back to forward again or not will depend on how many confidence votes will be given by the public.  I think that this is a union having the biggest growth of potential.  There are few cases in the world and none in Armenia when two foreign ministers and one defense minister who represent key positions in our country unite under a program of reforms.  Even our oppositions cannot say that these three are not professional and are not decent people as a human being, irrespective of the mistakes of the team during their terms in the office and do not have the capacity to be able to call their programs to life.  The fact of being a statesman is truly very important.  If I as an ordinary citizen had to vote, I would have voted according to the old Armenian proverb.  And what does the proverb say? It says, a bird in the hand is worth the two in the bush.  Do not say, the government is a bird in the hand or not … I do not know what.”


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