‘I have no experience, I do not master the mechanisms of media lies and methods of defaming people:’ Seyran Ohanyan

‘I have no experience, I do not master the mechanisms of media lies and methods of defaming people:’ Seyran Ohanyan

As we already reported the parliamentarian campaign kicked off in Armenia on March 5. ORO Alliance presented its election campaign program at the Moscow Cinema House and launched the campaign.  They presented the first video message which contained episodes from Raffi Hovannisian’s previous election campaign, footages from Electric Yerevan, as well as extracts from the video of Vartan Oskanian’s participation in Sasna Tsrer events.  The video message called on to be united for the sake of the desired victory.  When the attendees were chanting “O-han-yan”, the ORO alliance leader Seyran Ohanyan correct them saying “Vic-to-ry.”

Seyran Ohanyan confessed, “Many of our teammates have previously participated in the electoral processes, campaigns, and indeed, have experience.  I will not hide that I do not have experience in this business; I do not master the nuances of the campaign, the political intrigues, and the mechanisms of media lies and methods of defaming people.  I consider this weakness (in quotation marks) an advantage, and together with you, we will act as always committed to all moral principles.”  He said that it is experienced and different position holding people in their ranks, thousands of war veterans are next to them who transfer their secret to them about how to win, numerous educated young people with whom they will go towards victory.

Seyran Ohanyan is confident that if they are able to awaken the spirit of struggle in people, the success will be guaranteed, “Our strongest weapon is to awaken faith in all our compatriots about the future.  And those who would try to achieve their goal thru bribery, threat and rigged, they will only instigate the atmosphere of pessimism and hopelessness by multiplying the contempt and hatred of the society towards them.”  He said that we need a new political elite and new approaches.  Seyran Ohanyan announced that when they awaken faith in people and the atmosphere is changed, this elite would definitely cede its place.

A government with a new vision of the country development will be formed, “Actually, we suggest to go in tune with the civilized world; we will suggest a change of the current elite in the upcoming elections in the framework of the rights attributed to us by the constitution, in fact, a change of government,” announced Seyran Ohanyan with more distinct intonation, adding that he is often asked about the regime change and repeated, “Our today’s government needs to be changed.”

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