“Tsarukyan alliance” rating higher than RPA’s: poll findings

“Tsarukyan alliance” rating higher than RPA’s: poll findings

The 82.2 percent of the public wants the RA Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan to remain in his office after the upcoming parliamentary elections in April.  At the meeting with the journalists at the “Zarkerak” press club,  Director of the Gallup International Association- Armenia Office, Aram Navasardyan, presented the findings of the poll carried out by them.  From February 23 to March 2, 1146 face to face polls were carried out in Yerevan and the RA marzes.  The sampling error makes 3 percent.  Presenting the findings as to which forces will mainly pass to the parliament, Mr. Navasardyan noted, “4-5 parties will go to the parliament.  They are: “Tsarukyan alliance,” RPA, ARF, “Yelk” and “Free Democrats” party.”

To the question if “the election day was held on next Sunday, who would you vote for?”, the answers of the respondents were divided as follows: “26.4 percent mentioned the “Tsarukyan alliance,” RPA – 22.8 percent, ARP – 2.7 percent, “Yelk” – 4.3 percent, ARF – 3.9 percent, “Free Democrats” – 3.4 percent, Congress-PPA – 2.6 percent, Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian Alliance – 1.8%, CPA – 1.0 percent.” The 59.9% of respondents mentioned that they will definitely participate in the elections, the 7.1% said, “definitely no.”

To the question about the reason why the “Tsarukyan Alliance” has registered such a high rate, Mr. Navasardyan replied, “In November when we presented the findings of our poll, the snapshot at that time was almost equal.  PAP had a higher rating in the marzes while RPA – in Yerevan.  Now, we are in the starting position.  These two dominant parties which have recorded such high rating do not differ from each other so much, and the campaign can change much.”  Questions were also asked about the practice RA Prime Minister and Karen Karapetyan’s government.  According to the findings of the poll, 81 percent estimated Karen Karapetyan’s practice positive, while in November this number was 84 percent before Karen Karapetyan’s enrollment to RPA party.  To the question about the works performed by the new government, 62.3% of the respondents gave a positive answer.  64.5 percent of respondents said that the positive expectations are met.

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