Aghvan Vardanyan: ‘We would have more losses in the war with their proposed option’

Aghvan Vardanyan: ‘We would have more losses in the war with their proposed option’

“There are people who come and say what their main goals is, play on people’s emotions, our children will be killed, we must have peace and friendship.  But on what account, my dear people.  With their proposed option we would have more losses in the war, they would reach Zangezur and up to Vardenis,” said the ARF Supreme Body representative Aghvan Vardanyan during the ARF campaign at the meeting with the residents of Geghamavan community, Gegharkunik marz.

Note that the ANC-PPA alliance kicked off its campaign with calls for peace and good neighborly relations.  And this alliance calls on to attain peace through concessions and negotiations with Azerbaijan.  Aghvan Vardanyan noted, “A person who does not want to speak (he means Aliyev), what can you negotiate with him?”  In his speech, Mr. Vardanyan told a little about the path passed by Dashnaktsutyun reminding that it is the only party that has a representation in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Mr. Vardanyan honestly reminded that they were both in opposition and constituted a part of the government but their objectives remained unchanged.  “If you follow the others, you would see that what they speak and say something positive which ensures the development of the country, Dashnaktsutyun has said it regularly.  Dashnaktsutyun is not a single-person party like many parties.  If the leader of that party gives up or withdraws from the politics, nothing will remain from that party.”  Aghvan Vardanyan addressed the Geghamavan residents saying that 60-70% of the population of this rural community voted for the Dashnaktsutyun candidate during the village mayoral elections and now called on to go and vote for the rating candidate of Dashnaktsutyun, Ishkhan Saghatelyan.  Aghvan Vardanyan is confident that after April 2, the Dashnaktsutyun will organize a big feast in Geghamavan to celebrate the winning of their candidate.

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