‘Jrarat people voluntarily elected government which today shoots them:’ Edmon Marukyan

‘Jrarat people voluntarily elected government which today shoots them:’ Edmon Marukyan

In Gyumri, the representative of the “Yelq” alliance, NA MP Edmon Marukyan, evaluating the criminal cases occurred in Jrarat, said, “First of all, I condemn the practice of the functionaries and the inaction of the law enforcements until now.  On the other hand, I must say that it actually plays into the hands of apathy, fear, and despair, and does not create favorable conditions for equal competition and to carry out a normal campaign.  For the rest, the law enforcements must do their job and when they do not do it, they give birth to new crimes.  In the same Jrarat, you saw how the local self-government elections were held.  Whether someone was punished or not at that time, I must say that nothing has been done, and all this impunity gives rise to new crimes.

If yesterday’s and the day before events are not punished, they will give birth to worse and more complicated crimes, but this is also a good guide for our citizens.  Why if the citizen does not want to live in a country where people are shooting at each other, stabbing each other as a result of some election campaign struggle for there is no ideological struggle, must go and vote against the government?”  Mr. Marukyan also noted that the “Bright Armenia” has participated in the LGU elections in Jrarat, it had a candidate and has observed that people voluntarily had gone and voted for their current village mayor.  “Whether they have taken money or have voted out of fear, I am not sure but they have elected this mayor.  They have elected the local government which today is shooting at them.  Now, it is their choice.  What can I say?  Do they want to change this?”

Note, “Yelq” (Way out) alliance was formed by 3 parties member of parliament Nikol Pashinyan’s “Civil agreement”, MP Edmon Marukyan’s “Bright Armenia and Armenia’s former Prime Minister Aram Sargsyan’s “Republic”.

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