After April war, Armenia filed 700 applications to ECHR against Azerbaijan

After April war, Armenia filed 700 applications to ECHR against Azerbaijan

More than 700 applications were filed to the ECHR against Azerbaijan in connection with the protection of rights of the victims and injured in the April war,” said the RA government representative in the ECHR Gevorg Kostanyan in response to the questions of the journalists during the discussion at the “Public Relations and Information Center”.  The RA Government was officially notified by the European Court, “Officially, we are already involved in these proceedings as the third party, we still have time to present our position on these issues.”

The Azerbaijani government has also announced that about 500-600 applications are filed against Armenia.  In this respect, Gevorg Kostanyan said, “They may present a bigger number, it is the second aspect of the question but the fact is as follows, which is very important: by the lawsuits filed against Armenia, Armenia is a respondent, by the lawsuits presented by Azerbaijan, Armenia is the third party.  But in both cases, Armenia is notified by the European Court”.  At this point, according to Gevorg Kostanyan, Armenia has been notified about 5 out of 500 lawsuits presented by Azerbaijan.  It turns out that the European Court has accepted the proceeding of only 5 lawsuits against Armenia, while the proceeding of 23 lawsuits has been accepted that were filed against Azerbaijan.


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