ECHR verdicts against Armenia increasing: Gevorg Kostanyan explains

ECHR verdicts against Armenia increasing: Gevorg Kostanyan explains

In 2016, the number of examined lawsuits in the ECHR against Armenia has increased by 60 percent.  15 verdicts were announced against Armenia, 13 of which contain at least 1 violation of human rights.  These numbers have increased in comparison with 2015.  What can Armenia’s Government do to reduce the number of such verdicts?  Such a question was raised by the journalists during the discussion at the “Public Relations and Information Center” addressed to the RA Government representative in the European Court of Human Rights, Gevorg Kostanyan.  “We must do so that the human rights are less violated at the national level,” replied Gevorg Kostanyan.

According to the speaker, Armenia is not the only country against which the ECHR has announced a verdict, “Verdicts are announced against all Council of Europe member states, both new democratic states and old (the Great Britain, Germany, France), by recognizing a violation of this-or-that right.”  In other words, the fact that verdicts are announced against Armenia and violations are recognized is not a specific approach.  It’s another issue that all countries, including Armenia, should take and are taking all the measures to bring them to the minimum.”

According to the speaker, all state agencies must take measures in this respect.  The biggest role, however, goes to the judicial system because it does not matter in which sphere the person’s rights are violated.  In all cases, this issue becomes a topic of discussion in the domestic court, “The domestic court must be such that even if the human rights are violated in any sphere, this mistake must be corrected during the judicial process as a result of justice.  The great burden and responsibility, of course, lies with the courts.  When the court does not restore the human rights, at that time we are having the ECHR verdicts by which the fact of violation is recognized.”


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