Doctors from Yerevan present new approaches to children’s intensive therapy in Artsakh

Doctors from Yerevan present new approaches to children’s intensive therapy in Artsakh

Today, at the initiative of the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) and the Ministry of Health of Artsakh a training on “Emergency medical treatment of children’s diseases” was organized in the “Arevik” children’s hospital of Stepanakert.
STEPANAKERT, MARCH 17, ARTSAKHPRESS: In his opening speech, Hambardzum Simonyan, FAR healthcare programs manager, noted that already 10 years as they carry out medical programs and organize training courses.

In an interview with “Artsakhpress”, Hambardzum Simonyan said that the cooperation of the Fund for Armenian Relief with Artsakh has started since 2003. Training courses are being organized as a part of the cooperation.

“Since 2011, with the help of the Armenian doctors of America we have received an additional opportunity to invite a large number of doctors from Armenia and Artsakh to leading clinics of Armenia. The FAR is cooperating with America’s Children’s “Intensive Care Association” for 2 years constantly and implements a number of projects for doctors from Armenia and Artsakh.

20 doctors from Armenia and Artsakh took part in the courses organized by the association after which the participants were given the right to conduct such courses. Today, for the first time, we are implementing it in Artsakh. The chosen course topics are definitely actual,” said H. Simonyan.

Head of Department of Intensive Care of “Surb Astvatsamayr” medical center Anna Chobanyan said that they are coopering with “Arevik” children’s hospital for years.

We have presented 6 topics, which are very important for local specialists. Tomorrow we will organize a reception of heavy patients, “she said.

Director of Arevik Children’s Medical Center Mesrop Margaryan noted that 50 doctors from Stepanakert and regions of Artsakh are participating in the training.

“The program is practical. It aims to help doctors to provide certain interventions, reassess the patient’s condition and continue treatment. This program is in accordance with international format.

“The peculiarity of this program is that at the beginning and at the end of the trainings the doctors conduct tests.

The results show how the course was mastered,” said Mesrop Margaryan.

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