‘Consumer market development is in the best interest of both the State and society:’ Karen Karapetyan attends “Food safety, consumer rights” conference

‘Consumer market development is in the best interest of both the State and society:’ Karen Karapetyan attends “Food safety, consumer rights” conference

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan attended the opening of “Food safety, consumers’ rights” conference. Note that March 15 is the International Day for Protection of Consumers Rights.

Welcoming the initiative by the State Food Safety Service to mark the International Consumer Rights Day for the first time in Armenia, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that it will become a good tradition to promote the protection of consumer awareness in different sectors.

“We must be consistent enough. The stronger is our citizens’ civil position in different spheres of public life, the better we will stand. Therefore, it is extremely important that consumers, society and other professional associations cooperate with us on a daily basis. The privatization of the food safety sphere is considered as a priority in the government program,” Karen Karapetyan pointedout.

The Premier stressed that the Government has set the focus on increased food safety as a strategic issue, envisaging a number of activities in this area, some of which are underway and have yielded tangible results.

“It is crucial for us to create such conditions for producers and service providers as may help promote food safety and quality to meet consumers’ most advanced requirements. The development of the consumer market is in the best interest of both the State and society,” the Head of Government said.

In respect of better protection of consumer rights and consumer awareness of their rights, Karen Karapetyan highlighted the role to be played by NGOs and media outlets.

“It is impossible to protect consumer rights without the state-business-consumer chain collaboration. The most demanding consumers, sensitive to the protection of their rights, are the best tool for State control, and we have great expectations of them. I wish the conference constructive work, our customers – intolerance towards all issues of national concern. The Government is interested in the promotion of safe and high-quality services around the country. We are keen to develop business activity, attract investment, create jobs, but we have set rules and restrictions that should never be violated,” the Prime Minister concluded.

Statements were also made by Eurasian Economic Commission Board Member-Minister for Technical Regulations Valery Koreshkov and Head of RA State Food Safety Service (SFSS) by the Ministry of Agriculture Ishkhan Karapetyan.

Stressing that the conference is being held on the International Day of Consumer Rights, Valery Koreshkov said it may provide a good platform to discuss topical issues, exchange views and develop effective solutions.

SFSS Head Ishkhan Karapetyan noted a number of measures to increase the protection and awareness of consumer rights in the field of food safety and quality control had been organized in anticipation of the conference involving schoolchildren, students, business circles, media, NGOs and representatives of State agencies.

He dwelt on the activities aimed at creating a favorable environment for food chain operators and raising consumers’ awareness of their rights.

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