‘RF didn’t like our political line…’: Bakhshyan on FDP not to enter Parliament

‘RF didn’t like our political line…’: Bakhshyan on FDP not to enter Parliament

“The political line of “Free Democrats” which intended to pass from EEU to EU, apparently displeased Russia. I noticed how our percentage lowered pursuant to the surveys by Russian sociologists. It couldn’t skip having an impact on the society’s consciousness.

It’s a technology by which they lowered our elector’s confidence in us”, answered FDA candidate, education expert Anahit Bakhshyan, referring to Aravot.am’s question why “Free Democrats” (FDA) couldn’t pass the parliamentary elections.

According to Ms. Bakhshyan, other reasons were – to guide the electors to the polling stations, and the promises which had an influence as well. Anahit Bakhshyan also noted that one circumstance was still vague to her. “The majority of voters is displeased, but eventually RPA receives the most part…I don’t understand this. Similarly, it should be noted that pursuant to the same Russian sociologists’ surveys, I possess 51% of Public trust, then – Nikol Pashinyan (59%), the PM, Tsarukyan… but I receive approximately 850 votes. I don’t say that the votes were falsified, no! I believe that I have received that number of votes. But I start thinking that something in my campaign has been wrong, I’ve done something wrong or haven’t done something. This is surprising to me”, noted Ms. Bakhshyan.

Pursuant to her characterization, the pre-election expenses made by “Free Democrats” and in particular RPA are not comparable, which has also served as an important factor. (Buy the way, we succeeded to have a phone conversation only with the candidates of “Free Democrats” from the political forces who failed passing NA elections. The figures of other forces either reject to talk or ignore calls for a long time.)



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