‘Samvel Aleksanyan gives them a job, Bakhshyan doesn’t’: Anahit Bakhshyan on election results 

‘Samvel Aleksanyan gives them a job, Bakhshyan doesn’t’: Anahit Bakhshyan on election results 

During the conversation with Aravot.am Ms. Bakhshyan noted: “To comment on or to logically analyze those numbers is impossible, forasmuch as there’s no logic present there. If a person, who has solely pushed a button as an MP for 10 years and isn’t aware of why to vote in favor of or against what law and the society gives him the preference over the one using her MP mandate as a tool to voice, rush from here to there for and achieve the solution of their problem for five years, then I’m speechless.

They give their preference to one who’s an employer and his employees vote for him. This speaks exactly of the fact that our society, in the face of the MP, never demands and says – I’ve chosen you for you to go and put these laws in order, to struggle to improve our condition, but assesses that without being an MP, Samvel Aleksanyan is there as an employer.

They express their gratitude to Samvel Aleksanyan for he has given them jobs. I don’t know how he abuses them and pays. If we look through all employment contracts, we’ll see that he even takes from them, not pays. However, after all these, it comes out that the motivation is the fact that they have jobs due to Aleksanyan-employer. And Bakhshyan doesn’t give them jobs. But Anahit Bakhshyan works for their interests every second in the frameworks of opportunities and legitimacy. They weigh these two facts and choose a job, their job, which can possibly be underpaid.”



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