Parliamentary mandates distributed: CEC publicizes ultimate results

Parliamentary mandates distributed: CEC publicizes ultimate results

The Central Electoral Committee publicized the ultimate results of the elections 1 week afterward, on April 9.

Therefore 2.588.468 citizens have had the right to participate in the elections, 1.575.786 of which have partaken. 6679 ballots have been considered invalid. Thus, 4 forces have entered the parliament: The Republican Party of Armenia has received 770.441 votes, “Tsarukyan” alliance – 428.836 votes, “Yelq” bloc – 122.065 votes and Armenian Revolutionary Federation – 103.048 votes.

5 forces have not received the least 5% of the votes – Armenian Renaissance Party has received 58.265 votes, Free Democrats – 14.739 votes, “Congress-ANC” – 25.950, Communist Party of Armenia – 11.741, “Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian” alliance – 32.508.

The members of Central Electoral Committee signed the report, but before making a respective decision they examined “Congress-ANC” alliance’s application whereby the alliance demands to consider the results of the elections invalid. The Central Electoral Committee rejected the alliance’s application.

Therefore, the Republican Party of Armenia receives 58 mandates, “Tsarukyan” alliance – 31 mandates, “Yelq” bloc – 9 mandates, Armenian Revolutionary Federation – 7 mandates. The number of mandates of national minorities is 4, 3 in Republican Party and 1 in “Tsarukyan” alliance.



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