ARF wants more portfolios

ARF wants more portfolios

“We do not participate in the elections just for participation, but the real opportunities were to be evaluated and revisions related to it should have been fulfilled at the level of Yerevan too, for which, unfortunately, no time was left”, told Armenian Revolutionary Federation faction leader Armen Rustamyan during the interview in the parliament, commenting on the ARF’s decision of not participating in the elections of Yerevan City Council.

According to Armen Rustamyan, not participating in the elections of Yerevan City Council does not mean to withdraw from politics.

“This is a sober evaluation of a concrete situation and a sincere confession that we are not satisfied with our results indicated in Yerevan.”

Rustamyan said that in any case, they are not going to be left aside: “I think we will have a much more significant presence in the state system and our abilities will be enough to complete the solution of the problems.”



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