Artak Sargsyan makes his employees bring votes to him otherwise threatens to fire

Artak Sargsyan makes his employees bring votes to him otherwise threatens to fire

Journalist Tehmine Yenokyan has sent a recording to “Aravot’s” e-mail address unveiling the details of the methods by which the district candidate of the Republican Party of Armenia, “SAS Group” corporation owner Artak Sargsyan (SAS’s Artak) has operated. The meeting has taken place in pre-electoral period, the publicized record makes it evident that Artak Sargsyan makes his employees bring votes for him, otherwise, threatens to fire.

“Persuade, preach your neighbors, relatives to vote for Artak Sargsyan. Approach this issue, not from the political perspective, this is not a party matter, this is precisely the matter of SAS Group’s and our founder’s support. In the economic condition of our country, it is a very difficult thing to find a job, to provide people with a job, you should take that principle into account. We all work in SAS Group and whether in a bad or good way we acquire the benefits of this group. This is the business of your dignity. Aram, your obligation is put, you bring 53 votes from 200 employees from “sweet” department. If you treat us this way, we will treat you a few times worse. We apply to you once in 5 years solely with a suchlike question. And people who treat us this way will be treated respectively. We have a lot of supporters in Arabkir and I do not think that the things you do, they are not capable of”, is heard in the recording.

As well as they promise a trip to Paris and a promotion: “Irina Nazaryan from “Food Court”, 44 votes. I will give a promotion to her, I promise. You rock the elections, take the ticket to Paris, go, see, come back and become their leader.” They threaten to fire the absentees of the meeting as well: “Fix now, who are not here, we will fire them at this moment, let them know that not partaking in the meeting is not a caprice.”


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