How will 6th convocation Parliament be?

How will 6th convocation Parliament be?

Answering the questions how do you feel about the image of the parliament of the 6th convocation, will the Parliament be more capable as the Parliament hence becomes  the most important link in the system of government, Anzhela Khachatryan, the Vice-President of “Free Democrats” party, told Aravot, “Only time will show how will be the 6th convocation parliament, its capability, whether it can represent the interests of the citizens, all these will be obvious when citizens’ welfare,  projects and international agreements relating to the public interest are brought to Parliament, and how one will react or vote on them will make everything clear.”

Our interlocutor also added, “One thing is obvious; this parliament does not represent the real will and sentiments of the citizens. And the comments that this is going to be a qualitatively new parliament, and we will be witnessing an ideological struggle, let me be skeptical about it, as the vast majority of them has appeared here in non-ideological and non-political way, hence, in the parliament these people will hardly be able to move forward the political agenda and projects.”


Nelly Grigoryan

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