‘Assyrian teachers few, no textbooks present’: Anahit Khosroeva

‘Assyrian teachers few, no textbooks present’: Anahit Khosroeva

The four representatives chosen as an MP from national minorities of the Republic of Armenia do not have political issues with the authorities, they are cultural and educational, announced the member of Assyrian community in Armenia, genocidologist Anahit Khosroeva.

She noted that, how the head of the Assyrian community of Armenia as chosen an MP indicated himself, their annual provisions of funds are not sufficient, there are a lot of issues. “Assyrian language is taught, but there is a problem of language. The teachers are few and not all of them recognize the letters. Assyrian language is not easy, there are no textbooks”: told Anahit Khosroeva. She expressed her hope that the issues mentioned will enter the agenda of the new parliament.

Ms. Khosroeva also told that she feels pain for an opinion has been formulated as if the MPs chosen from national minorities will be the “servants of the authorities”: “The Electoral Code needs to be reformed. An MP cannot do anything alone, probably this is the reason why they represent the ruling party. This is a regularity”.

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